Want to Improve Your Relationships?

Growing up the oldest of 7 children, I know how feelings of separation can lead to frustration and anger–and that leaves an upsetting vibe in the space you live and work in. How would you like to create a stronger connection in all your relationships?

It’s easy–just follow my 5 step method: 

Start by partnering with the space you live and work in! The ancient technology of Feng Shui gives us the Bagua, an energy map that shows us where in our space we can activate certain aspects of our lives. As you stand in the doorway of your home or workspace, looking in, the room in the far right corner is your Relationship area.

  • At home, the far right corner affects your love and family relationships.
  • At work, the far right corner affects your relationship with your clients and your team

Go to that area of your space, and feel what it feels like there. Clear any clutter, clean it up at bit, the way you would if a beloved guest was coming.

The next step is to partner with your desires. So what is it that you would LIKE to experience in your relationships this holiday? Most of us are good at knowing what we are missing… but what is it that you choose to create? Let yourself FEEL what it is that you prefer. Get into the BodySense of enjoying that! Now, write down an intention that expresses what you prefer to create. For example: “Our love creates a strong happy family.” “Our clients are thrilled with our service and refer their friends.”

Create an altar that anchors your intentions for your relationships. An altar is any grouping of items that alters the way you think or feel. You can use photos, written intentions, artwork, anything that represents to you what you prefer to experience in your relationships. For example, in the Relationship area of our home right now, I have our wedding album, surrounded by votive candles — one for each one of our children and grandchildren. I imagine each member of our family warmed by the love Ed and I feel for each other. In my workspace Relationship area, I display cards and photos from grateful clients.

Each time you enter the Relationship area, allow yourself to FEEL the JOY of creating what you prefer! It may not be your reality yet, and you may be experiencing a dissonance between what you have now and what you want. That’s OK… that means you are alive and growing! Let yourself feel whatever it is you feel now, and keep bringing your attention back to what you choose. Feel the joy of the future version of reality you are creating! Release any attachment to when/how it shows up. Just keep feelin’ the love whenever you look at your altar!

Update your altars frequently so they don’t get stale. Your altars need to grow and change as you do! Just as our clothes change with the seasons, our altars need to be freshened to reflect the goals we are moving toward.

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