Hi. I’m Melody LeBaron, Home and WorkSpace Expert. I’ve learned, from my own experience, what clutter does to us.

As a child, I had a deep connection to nature and I realized that in some homes I felt that same peaceful, positive power that I felt in nature—but in other homes I sensed only stuck, stagnant, sometimes even disturbing energy.

As a teen, I had an innate ability to de-clutter and organize rooms, to get the life-force energy flowing again. But in my late 20s, as a mother of 3 preschoolers during a time of stress, I found myself living in a home with clutter in every room. Our home office was the worst, the path from the door to the desk surrounded by waist-high piles. I had to keep the doors to several rooms closed and locked, because it wasn’t safe for my babies to be in those rooms.

I didn’t know it then, but our obstacles show us where our path is—and I was about to find mine.

I was overwhelmed, exhausted and depressed when I went to a parenting conference and saw that booklet about de-cluttering and organizing. I almost didn’t buy it, thinking “I know how to de-clutter and organize. I don’t need to read a booklet about it.” But in a moment of humility, I realized I didn’t know how to get out of the mess I was in.

That booklet was about creating sustainable systems that grow and evolve as our life and work does. Inspired, I made a commitment and in the 45 minutes a day that all 3 kids were napping, I implemented what I’d learned. In just 6 months, I’d permanently de-cluttered and organized my home and work space, my time and my life.

Opportunities flowed into the space I’d created, the teachers I was ready for appeared, and I received training in

  • NLP and Brain Gym (I synthesized a Retrieval Strategy System so clients will be able to find information they’ve stored)
  • Professional Organizing (I collaborate with clients to create unique-to-them Sustainable Systems) 
  • Space and Personal Clearing (which clears adverse unseen energetic imprints and allows the Chi, or life-force, to flow)
  • Feng Shui (I help clients harness the power of their home and work space to align with their intentions) 
  • 9 Star Ki (the ‘feng shui of the birthdate’ or Chinese Astrology)
  • Pranayama (moving stuck energy in the body with breathwork)
  • Success Coaching (we all have a Path to Success; the steps to creating what you prefer are simpler than you may think!)
  • Natural Rhythms (connecting our lives to the rhythms of nature)

Please contact me if you desire your home and workspace to:

  • function as your Success Partner
  • provide a Sacred Space to hold your Big Vision for your Work in the World
  • help you step into being the Peaceful, Positive, and Powerful Leader you are becoming