How to Activate your 2018 Intentions

A new year gives us all a bright new beginning. As most of us know, setting intentions is a much more powerful way to start the new year than making a list of New Year’s resolutions. An intention is a bit different than a goal or a resolution.

  • A goal is the purpose toward which your effort is directed, like “I’m going to lose 10 pounds.”
  • A resolution is a firm decree or formal statement, like “I’m going to be a size 8 in 6 months.”
  • An intention feels more all-encompassing, specific, and powerful than a resolution. An intention is focused on the benefit to you—in present time—of the specific life-style changes you choose. “I enjoy eating well, running, and hiking because I love being healthy, slim, and strong” is an intention.

An intention is a goal with forward momentum. Intentions move our attention toward the benefit of what we prefer to create, allowing us to create what we prefer with more ease and grace!

What is the best way to set your 2018 intentions?

  1. Start by imagining or “feeling into” what you desire to create—in your career, your finances, your health, your projects, and your relationships (you may want to include your relationship with the Divine, as well as your relationships with your beloved, your siblings, children, friends, and spiritual community).
  2. Write an intention for each important staging area of your life.
  3. Allow your home to become your partner to achieve the benefit of your intentions. How? With Feng Shui.

Click HERE for my guide to using Feng Shui activate your intentions in your home. There are 2 methods you can use: a simple easy one and a more comprehensive one. Both will get you great results!

“My home feels so much better to me!”

 I’d struggled for years with inadequate income and clutter. So I hired Melody do a Space Clearing and Professional Organizing/Feng Shui consultation.  When she left, my home felt so much more open, and alive!

Afterwards, I felt motivated to begin the decluttering process, and just a week later, I received a new contract for work that lasted for five weeks, and really paid well.

Additionally, the property manager where I live decided to inspect all the units—which provided the perfect incentive to continue the cleaning and decluttering I had begun with Melody.  The interesting thing is that the property manager and I kept setting appointments for her to come out, and then something would come up and one of us would have to reschedule.  But each proposed appointment would inspire a new burst of cleaning and decluttering.

Almost three months went by, with set and cancelled appointments, which meant I kept cleaning and decluttering.  The final result is that I now have a heightened awareness of my surroundings, and have created the habit of cleaning and decluttering on a regular basis.

— Linda, Atlanta

Clean Sweep Your Home for the Holidays

The piles were slowing down the flow of energy in those areas — not a great thing. And true: I hadn’t enrolled a new client in my private programs for a couple of months.

Just a taste of Melody’s work helped me change things around. She was patient, kind, firm and SO generous, walking me through a process that totally honored the deeper meanings held in all my “stuff.”

I got rid of most of the boxes: my bedroom AND my living room are both clear and peaceful, I enrolled three new, awesome clients… and the mess on my desk? I put it away every night.

Clean Sweep Your Home for the Holidays

We all long for our homes to be tidy, warm and welcoming for the holidays.  But many of us have piles of clutter that drain our mood and energy level.  

It can be tempting to bag up the piles of paper or clothes and stuff them in unused rooms—but if we never get around to sorting those items after the holidays, that will create an even bigger drain on our attention and energy level.

So what to do?

I wish, with all my heart, that I could be right there in your home with you, sharing my expertise and working along with you, to sort and toss, organize and beautify.

For me, doing a Clean Sweep with a client is such a JOY, to feel the relief and the excitement that builds as all the old, unneeded items leave the space and we organize what is needed.  To create Sustainable Systems with my clients is way more FUN for me than it is work!

So, this year I created a holiday gift for you, a list of the top ten tips I share with EVERY client I work with.  

These are the tips we use to release from their rooms ALL the items which are no longer useful.  These are the tips we use to create order, warmth and beauty, to make each room feel welcoming.  

And because this is the season when we are shopping for gifts for our family and friends, I’ve included a tip for wise gifting, as well as a Bonus Guide for donating and monetizing everything you are not going to keep!

Click on the image below to download the pdf, so you’ll have my Clean Sweep Tips for the Holidays when you want them.



Have you got photos?

Have you got photos?

  • Do you have hundreds (or even thousands) of printed photos in drawers, shelves, or closets scattered throughout your home? 
  • Or maybe you’ve organized them in bins, in expandable folders for each family member—and maybe they are even in chronological order!  But what do you do next?
  • Or have you taken the time to put your photos carefully in albums or boxes, and now… they are sitting there, gathering dust on a shelf?  (That’s me!) 
  • Or has your parent or sibling or loved one died and left you with all their photos or slides to deal with?  (My dad took thousands of slides… and we inherited the job of figuring out what to do with all of them.) 
  • And now that we’re all taking digital photos, what do you do after you download them to your computer?  Do you know how to tag them and make them available to family members and friends who would love them?

Some Professional Organizers would tell you to simply TOSS all those old photos.  But not me. I’m a StoryTeller.  One of my gifts is turning the hearts of the children to the ancestors.  I want to honor and cherish the memories of my life–for myself and my posterity–not toss them!

I’ve got photos!  

bookshelf1.pngI have 5 children, and as they were
growing, I spent thousands of hours working late into the night while they were
sleeping, cutting out the best photos and gluing them into their baby books and
photo albums.  Before scrapbooking was a thing, I was scrapbooking.
But now… those photo albums are dusty and yellowing and my kids are grown and gone.  No one is enjoying those photos or feeling the love and learning they represent.  

Even though my photos are “organized,” they aren’t being honored and cherished as I’d hoped.  And… those photo albums are taking up a LOT of space in our home.

Who you gonna call?

I called an expert I know, love and trust.  My sister Dorothy Tucker and her friend Michele Doyle are Personal Photo Organizers.  Their business: Preserving Your
.  When I asked if they’d do a FREE class for my online community, they said YES.

If you could use their expertise, join us for their FREE, fun, and informative class: 

Got Photos?
Organize and Preserve Your Legacy

Thursday November 5th at 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific  


They will share how you can make the process of organizing and preserving your photos EASY, SIMPLE and FUN.

Register here.  

If you can’t make the class live, you’ll receive the audio link AND the workbook.

I hope to see you there!



P.S. If you long to get your memories out of storage and into the hearts and hands of those you love, click here to register for this class! 

P.P.S. Even if you won’t be able to take action on their suggestions right now, join us and you’ll have a PLAN for PRESERVING your photos

Turning Your Home into Your Power Place, Part 2

Last month in my article, I talked about how experiencing a deep connection to the land you live on will support you in the process of transforming your home into your Power Place.  In this article, I will share the mythic perspective which has allowed me to transmute my own personal suffering and losses into personal power. Because in order for your home to be your Power Place, you first have to know what “medicine,” or personal power, is yours to bring the world.  (Stay tuned next month for more on how to transform your home into your Power Place.)

Usually, this process is referred to as The Hero’s Journey, but here I’ve reframed it for women.  I ask my male readers to just notice the feminine pronouns and keep reading; if
you do, you may find something here for you.

In all great myths, you’ll find the main character going into a challenging situation, facing her fears, learning big lessons, experiencing triumph over those fears, and returning to
her community to share those lessons.  Below are the elements in the Heroine’s Journey.


First there is the call to adventure. This is the point in a woman’s life when she realizes that everything is going to change.  Something shifts, externally or internally—and she can no longer stay the same.  Anais Nin said it best: “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful that the risk it took to blossom.”

Often, the Heroine at first refuses the call.  This may be from fear, insecurity, a sense of inadequacy.  There are many reasons why we might feel the need to “stay tight in a bud,” safe in our current circumstances.

But once the heroine has actually committed to the quest, consciously or unconsciously, a guide or guardian will appear to help her cross the threshold.  This is the point where the Heroine steps out of her comfort zone, moving into the underworld of her shadow (her unconscious), leaving the known limits of her world behind.

As she ventures into this unfamiliar territory, where rules and results are unknown, she will find a helper or a mentor if she will look.  A Buddhist proverb says “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

And so the Heroine moves on to a road of trials, for which she does not feel prepared. Her former accomplishments do not count here.  This road represents an uncomfortable separation from her known world and her known self. Challenges appear; sometimes she fails the test.  The Heroine must call on her inner WILL, to get up when she falls, and to keep going.  Temptations to abort the process seem appealing.  Her determination will be tested, but if the Heroine focuses on her goal, she will make progress, however messy it may be.

As she puts one foot in front of another, for a time things may get even darker and more bleak.  This abyss is the dark night of the soul… that sacred womb in which she transitions between worlds and selves.  At times she can feel the potential for her new self, her new life.  At other moments, all is dark and she feels lost.  The abyss can be frightening territory.  By breathing through this process, the Heroine shows her willingness to undergo a metamorphosis, to allow some aspects of her self to die so that she can be reborn.

Often at a moment of surrender, revelation or divine guidance flows into her despairing heart and mind.  She begins to see and feel who she is becoming.  Her transformation doesn’t happen all at once… rebirthing is a messy organic process, but finally the Heroine realizes that she is no longer the caterpillar oozing goo in the cocoon.

She’s become the graceful butterfly, emerging from the limitations that once held her captive.  She experiences the freedom of having released all judgments on herself and others.  It’s now easy for her to feel At-One-With-All-That-Is in every moment.  This is the meaning of atonement: At-One-Ment.

With her inner work done, she is now ready to return to her community to be of service in a bigger way.  As she crosses the return threshold, she wears the insight, maturity and compassion she gained on her quest.  Her well-earned wisdom blesses all who come into her sphere.

Questions for Your Journey

  1. In how many ways is the Heroine’s Journey like your de-cluttering and organizing
  2. Which part of the Journey are you currently in right now?
  3. What kind of support do you need to help you move into the next part of the process?
  4. Have you been through a Heroine’s Journey before, of any kind?  If yes, can you call upon what you learned then?
  5. Do you have any colleagues, mentors, family members or friends who have traveled their own Heroine’s Journey? If yes, is there anyone you can ask for support as you complete yours?
  6. A Journey is like an initiation.  For those of you emerging from a Journey, how can you create an Altar in your home that will assist you in fully integrating the
    power of this initiation?
  7. How can your home support your process as you return to your community with new gifts?

Turning Your Home into Your Power Place, Part 1

Do you ever feel depleted, overwhelmed, or in need of inspiration? Much of what we need at times like this can be found in nature.  The indigenous believe that each of us has a Power Place in nature, a place where we feel our best, our strongest, our most powerful.

Every part of our planet has healing gifts for us, gifts that help us connect with the power inside ourselves.


Gift of the Oceans: cleansing, peace, renewal, power, majesty, diversity                          

Gift of the Waterfalls, Rivers:  they remind us to be clear, clean, and current, and inspire us to flow around obstacles

Gifts of the Streams, Creeks: they may be small, but are life-giving

GIfts of the Lakes and Wetlands: they purify, and serve a diverse community

Gifts of the Tundra (frozen prairie): they hold rich inner resources, they are wild and free

Gifts of the RainForest: bountiful, healing, they have Grandmother power, they are the lungs of our planet

Gifts of the Mountains: majestic, stable, commanding, powerful, perspective: allow us to “take the long view”

Gifts of the Forest:  healing, alive, singing with insects, frogs, birds

Gifts of the Meadows:  bursting with chi, blooming with crops, flowers and medicinal plants (“weeds”)

Gifts of the Prairies: open, vast

Gifts of the Savannah:  wild, instinctual, open, free

Gifts of the Deserts:  harsh, extreme, rugged

Perhaps when you need a certain kind of inner healing, you long for the ocean.  When you need another kind of respite, you might long for the mountains, or the woods, the prairie or the desert.  If you ponder the place you most long to go on vacation, you’ll probably realize that it’s your Power Place. 

Turning Your Home into Your Power Place

Does your home function as your Power Place? Is your home a place in which you feel and function your best, in which you feel personally powerful?

It’s my passion and purpose to help my clients transform the space they live in, because when they do, their entire lives will transform!  One of the ways I do that is to help them turn their homes into a Power Place.

Here are some ways to transform your own home into your Power Place:

  1. Look over the list above and identify which of Nature’s Gifts you most need at this time. 
  2. Ask yourself how you can bring evidence of those gifts of nature into your home.
    (If you long for the cleansing and renewal of the ocean, add shells, sea glass, and images of the ocean to your decor.  If you long for the stable perspective of the mountains, display crystals, rocks, and mountain landscapes in your home.)
  3. You may want to create a Nature Altar on a table or counter you see daily.  (An Altar is any grouping of items that alters your mood and energy level. An Altar inspires you because it brings your attention to whatever you want to activate in your life!)
  4. Or you may want to integrate your items from nature in your Feng Shui Altars throughout your home.
  5. And don’t forget to receive the gifts of the land you live on!

Experience the Land you live on holding you

Ancient peoples knew that their safety relied on their intimate connection to, and their alignment with, the land they lived on. They experienced their relationship with nature as a
sacred relationship with a wise guardian elder whom they both revered and loved.



They both protected and nourished the land and allowed themselves to be protected and nourished by it. They never made decisions that would harm nature, or their relationship with the land. They co-created their future WITH the land. 

Do you feel protected and nourished by the land you live on?  AND… do you actively protect and nourish it?

Receiving the Gifts of the Land You Live On

In addition to the vital life-force, or chi, that Mother Earth has to give all of us, each piece of land offers its own unique gifts.  Some neighborhoods have rolling hills, some have
streams or creeks, some are heavily wooded, some have long, lovely views. 

What are the gifts of the land you live on?  When you really connect with these gifts, what do they do for you?


Stay tuned for more on turning your home into your Power Place in my next article!

Clean Sweep: before, during, after

I thank those of you who have honestly shared with me your frustrations about the clutter in your life.  Many of you are experiencing the same frustrations that I was, 30 years ago, when my home was such a mess:

  • you have too little space (or storage space) in your home
  • you have too many distractions and responsibilities
  • you have too little time to get de-cluttered and organized
  • you don’t have the energy to get de-cluttered and organized
  • you’re unsure how to get maximum results from the time/energy you spend de-cluttering and organizing (you feel like you’re spinning your wheels)

So I decided to share with you two Clean Sweep Success Stories, both still in progress, written by two of the recent participants in my recent Mess to Success program.  Like you, they struggled with those same issues.

I’ll share Silke’s story first.  Because she lives in Germany, she wasn’t able to attend any of the calls live, so for her, it truly was a home study course.  Silke has young children to care for, plus she is taking classes to up-level her career, so she’s a very busy young mom!  Her comments are bolded; mine are italicized.

Before the Program: We have so little storage and our basement is huge, so we resorted to storing things there.  Soon after we moved in, the basement became a mess, and it takes a huge effort to clean.  This is most annoying: no matter how often I tidy, it keeps filling up quickly.  It takes so much effort… and often I give up halfway through.

[What Silke was telling me was that she didn’t have systems for the items that collected in the basement… and she didn’t know how to create systems.  I could also feel how the stagnant energy in the basement was adversely affecting her self-esteem and energy level.]

Week 1:  I appreciate how you deliver your knowledge!  The first session motivated me to get into the process of clearing stuff in my home, mind and probably even my soul.  Ever since I started with this program, I’m more organized and have less adverse feelings toward cleaning and getting things in order and—most importantly—keeping things this way.

[In the first session, we learn to clear our relationship with our home and the clutter in it.  We learn how to release our judgment on the home and on ourself, so we can be FULLY PRESENT to clear the clutter.  This session always makes a huge difference to people who have been tolerating clutter for a long time!]

Week 2:  I squeezed in two de-cluttering sessions (listening to the audios as I went along, which really motivated me). I have never gotten so much done in such a short time!!  That was really amazing.  I feel calm and happy in the basement, going through the sorting process.  I think your work is wonderful.  I feel my energy level is better and the space is, too!

[In the 2nd session, I share my Professional Organizer’s secrets on how to maximize your results from your time spent de-cluttering and organizing, as well as how to make the experience enjoyable!  I’ve structured both the audios and the workbook to give you maximum results for a minimum of effort spent de-cluttering, because it’s important to experience initial successes, so you’re motivated to keep going.]

After Week 5:  Your program works wonders!  During last five weeks, I didn’t have much time to devote to de-cluttering, yet the results are amazing!!!  I’ve tossed and donated so much, to get rid of the clutter as soon as possible.  I got more done in an extremely short period of time than in the last 10 years!  Now that I know how to create Sustainable Systems I’m looking forward to sorting the remaining papers in the basement!
[It’s so important to understand how to create Sustainable Systems, which are ways of organizing your home that are sustainable, that grow and evolve as your life does.  It’s also important to align your Sustainable Systems with the way your brain remembers where you’ve put something.  See where I share the specifics taught in Sessions 1-5 of Mess to Success, for more on this.]

Silke’s Clean Sweep Success is still in progress, as she continues to implement the techniques and strategies she learned in Mess to Success, in every room of her home.

Below is Dawn’s story.  Like many of my clients, Dawn has been in a time of transition.  Several years ago, she became ill and her normal life was “put on hold” while she recovered her health.  During that time, her lovely home became overrun with clutter.  Again, Dawn’s comments are bolded; mine are italicized.

Before the Program:  Before doing Melody’s Mess to Success Program, I felt overwhelmed and frustrated.  My living room has always been my beautiful “sacred space” but in the last few years of stress, it had gotten completely messy.  Too embarrassed to have anyone over, I was angry myself for letting it get that bad.

[The first thing Dawn needed to clear was her judgment on herself.  Many of us think we have compassion for ourselves… until we listen deeply to our self-talk.]

During the Program:  Listening to the first session, I was able to release that judgment and just accept my situation.  I deliberately chose to move forward from this point, without continuing to spin in self-judgement.  I found Melody’s compassion and the way she creates community so motivating.

Here’s a summary of how I re-created sacred space in my living room:

  1. I immediately started tossing items I no longer needed.
  2. Then, I removed all items from the living room items that needed to be elsewhere in the home.
  3. I finished the living room by containing items I wanted to keep in attractive baskets

After the Program:  I’m very thankful that that I stumbled upon Melody’s course on the very day I felt so frustrated!  I knew that God sent me an angel to help me.  I’m so grateful that through the processes of the course I discovered:

  • it’s ok to let go 
  • I’m not alone on my journey
  • how to harness my desire to complete this long-delayed project

I felt so peaceful once the living room was cleaned of my clutter.  I love my living room again!

It’s very clear from the photos that both Silke and Dawn have the ability to create both order AND beauty in their homes.  They just needed my help to get that process jumpstarted. 

If YOU need some help to get YOUR Clean Sweep project complete, I have a gift for you, below.

I want to give you $300
to get your Clean Sweep done!

I created my Mess to Success program to give you the four basic steps to clearing clutter and creating sustainable systems in your home, no matter how messy it may currently be.

Those 4 steps are:

  1. Emotional: this step will help you clear all judgment and resistance that’s keeping you stuck.
  2. Physical: this will teach you how to use sensual de-cluttering techniques and create your own customized organizing plan.
  3. Mental: this will help you understand how to create Sustainable Systems that align with YOUR own Unique Retrieval Strategy.
  4. Spiritual: you’ll learn how to access and activate your desired future!

And in the 5th audio, I teach you how to pull all of this together as you set up your home to be your Success Partner.

The investment for this home study program, with its 90-page workbook and 10 hours of audio training, is $397.

But, because I know how POWERFUL the act of de-cluttering and organizing is and how it can TRANSFORM your entire life, from NOW until Summer Solstice, June 21st, I want to give EACH OF YOU a $300 GIFT.

When you register for the Mess to Success home-study program between now and June 21st, just type in SummerSolsticeGift in the coupon code box on the payment page, and pay only $97.

Click the logo below for details and to register. Remember, type in the coupon code SummerSolsticeGift to claim your $300 SAVINGS!


When and Where to Buy Storage Containers for Your Systems

This is the third article in this Sustainable Systems series.  For the first article, You’ll Never Be Organized Unless You Can Create Systems, click here.  For the second article, How to Create Systems, click here.

Before You Buy Storage Containers

It’s imperative that you completely de-clutter the following items from your room before you create your systems:

  1. everything you no longer use
  2. everything you no longer need
  3. everything you no longer love
  4. everything that doesn’t serve your future success

Color wicker boxes on cabinet shelvesOnce all you no longer need is released from your space, you can take yourself through the 4-step process of creating systems for each room, described in detail in my last blog post here.

Where to Find Good Storage Containers

Once you know what your systems will be, it’s time to decide if you’ll need storage containers as part of that system.

Some clients like to spend money on lovely baskets and bins.  If that’s you, try:

How to Create Great, Inexpensive Storage Containers

Here are some of my favorite tips on how to create good storage, for less:

  • For spices: use turntables to organize them, alphabetically.
  • For vitamins: use a shoebox to corral your vitamin bottles inside the cupboard; just pull the box down once a week and fill old pill bottles or snack baggies (which can be reused) with your daily dose.
  • For makeup brushes and mascara: use a short, heavy plastic cup to store them (vertically) in the medicine cabinet.
  • For jewelry: use flatware trays to store jewelry in a drawer; if it’s deep enough, stack one on top of another and use the bottom one for rarely-used seasonal jewelry.
  • Use square or rectangular plastic laundry bins to store out of season clothing on the top shelf in your closet—unless it gets very dusty, in which case you’ll want to invest in plastic bins with lids.
  • To corral like items (such as grooming supplies, keys, pet items, toys), on counters, dressers, or floors: find fabric, rattan, or leather boxes or bins that look nice with your decor.
  • Shoeboxes (minus the lid) can be used in drawers to corral socks, undies, t-shirts.

Storage Systems Tip

When you use storage containers in your systems, you want to ensure that the container itself isn’t slowing down your system.  You want to minimize the number of steps it takes to retrieve an item and put it away after use.

So, here’s a tip for your storage containers: if it’s inside a cupboard, closet or drawer (and thus protected from dust), ask yourself if you can toss the lid (or just keep it underneath the box/bin).  Taking that lid off each time you reach for the item is going to add another step and slow down your system.

Stay tuned…. next week, I’m going to share tips on how to make your systems empowering and sustainable.

The Fuel of Desire

April_post1It’s springtime and budding life-force will not be denied as it bursts old limits to bring forth its beauty.

What beauty do you long to bring forth?  What are your desires?  Spring is the best time of year to allow our DESIRES to actually fuel us. 

How do we use our DESIRES to fuel our lives?  Here’s the 5 Step Process:


1.    Ponder what you long to create in your life. 

2.    Ask yourself: Why do I want that?

3.    Then ask: Why do I want THAT?

4.    Keep asking: And WHY do I want THAT?

Ahhh… now you’ll have some clarity on what it is you REALLY want to FEEL.  And now you can ask yourself the Power Question:

5.    In how many ways can I feel that way RIGHT NOW?

Stay tuned to my blog posts… I’ll be exploring how we can harness the energy of our desires all month.

Would you like a Clean Sweep in your life?

Some professional organizers believe that if they can help you put everything “away,” they are doing a good job. But… “A place for everything and everything in it’s place” doesn’t make much sense if the items you’re putting away don’t really need to be kept, don’t really serve your future success.

A great professional organizer helps you to understand that organizing is about setting up your environment for success. Your success. Success with the goals you are working toward in your life right now.

A great professional organizer will help you define what function you want each room in your home to serve for you. And then, a great professional organizer will help you create an empowering, sustainable relationship with your each of those spaces, a relationship that will serve your success.

  • Empowering, because when you’ve organized your rooms in a way that sets them up to function optimally for you, a way that helps you achieve your goals, you are empowered to BE and DO more!
  • Sustainable, because when we organize your rooms, using Sustainable Systems that align with your goals and your Unique Retrieval Strategy (how your brain remembers where you’ve put something), it’s EASY to maintain the order, and your sanity and vitality!

Your Home and Workspace are Your Success Partners
From my perspective, a great professional organizer needs to help you set up your environment to function as your Success Partner.

What is a Success Partner? You may not have heard the term before, but I’ll bet you can sense what a Success Partner is: someone who supports your goals, someone who brings all their gifts, skills, and abilities to the relationship—in an honest, transparent, vulnerable, willing-to-share way.

We’ve all had family members, teachers, bosses, or colleagues who’ve partnered with us and helped us achieve success. We wouldn’t be where we are in life today without the mentoring and support our Success Partners gave us.

The rooms we live and work in are partnering with us, whether we know it or not. Your space is alive and intelligent, whether you connect with it at this level or not. Your home is always offering you its gifts:

  • shelter
  • safety
  • structure
  • pattern
  • light
  • storage for stuff we need and want
  • horizontal spaces for rest, work and play
  • the possibility for pattern, textures, colors and furnishings that please us
  • a template within which we can create success

What if you believed that your home and workspace wanted to be your Success Partner? What if you considered that your rooms long to support your goals, to function optimally to serve your success?

Your environment is successful ONLY IF it is set up to serve YOUR success! Over the years, I’ve worked with many wonderful business and life coaches. They all say the same thing: if you want to create success in your business and your life, you have to get your environment functioning optimally and feeling wonderful.

How do I set up my Home and Workspace as Success Partners?
The best way I’ve found is to start with a Clean Sweep. Not the kind of Clean Sweep you might see on TV shows where everything in the house is hauled outside, and only some of it is put back by organizers, who create lovely systems that may or may not work for the family they are organizing. Many of those people end up having the clutter creep back into their lives because they don’t know how to create Sustainable Systems that align with their own Unique Retrieval Strategy.

The kind of Clean Sweep that can jump start a successful de-cluttering and re-organizing process has several components:

  • emotional: to clear the emotional reasons for the clutter
  • mental: to clear any limiting beliefs about being able to organize
  • physical: to learn strategies for the actual process of editing and organizing
  • spiritual: to relate to your space in empowering, sustainable ways

This kind of inner and outer Clean Sweep will help you

  • release any clutter
  • re-organize your home
  • rejuvenate your life

Because we’re coming out of winter and into spring, and I want each of you to be able to harness that “spring cleaning” energy, I’m offering a FREE training for you on Sunday March 9th (and YES, you can forward this email and invite your friends!) Click the image below to register.

I hope to see you there!

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3 Steps to Quickly Organize Your Closets

One of the rooms at the top of my sister Laura’s “TO ORGAINZE” list was her master closet. It was stuffed, and overflow items were haning in other closets.

Step 1: Start by Containing Out-of-Season Clothing
The first thing we did was to measure the shelves and buy large clear bins, for their out-of-season clothing. We placed her summer footware on the bottom, covered them with plastic, and then layered all the summer clothing that could be folded. As we went along, she tossed or donated everything that didn’t fit well or look great on her. Now, only a few long formal dresses are hanging in the guest room closet; everything else fit into the bins!

Step 2: Contain Footwear and Jewelry
Then, we hung a shoe bag on the right side, with all her cold-weather shoes, and put her boots on the floor. Just to the left of the shoes, we hung the jewelry organizer.

Step 3: Organize by Category and THEN by Color
We lined up the clothes by category and then by color within those categories, with long dresses at the far end of the closet. I recommend using the same kind of hangers throughout—it gives a more peaceful feeling.

We did the same thing for her husband’s side of the closet, then organized her make-up in the top drawer. In 4 hours, she had an organized closet!

BONUS: Professional Organizer’s Best Practices to Store Out-of-Season Clothing

Because many of you are swapping out your summer clothes for your winter ones, here are our best practices for storing out-of-season clothing. The last one may surprise you!

Please let me know if this was helpful for you!

  • Store clothes in the main part of the home; avoid storing clothing in attics and basements. Clean garments before storing.
  • Hang clothing on good quality hangers, not thin wire ones.
  • Never store clothes in plastic dry cleaner bags; the chemicals in the plastic will damage garments. Use fabric garment bags.
  • Don’t hang knits or beaded garments that will stretch out. Store them in acid-free cardboard boxes or sturdy plastic bins. Lay sweaters flat or use acid-free tissue between folds to avoid creases.
  • Don’t use mothballs; the smell is almost impossible to remove and the chemicals are harmful to skin and eyes. Use bags of cedar and herbs. Don’t put cedar blocks directly on clothes (the oil might stain fabric); instead wrap them in acid-free tissue.
  • Store pricey cashmere in the freezer. Put the item in a zip-top plastic bag with some cotton batting to absorb moisture. The cold will kill insects and keep fabric fresh.

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