Why a Serene Bedroom is Important

I believe that our bedrooms can offer us the same healing benefits that a fully relaxing spa vacation offers.

Taking a relaxing vacation is like pressing the “reset” button on your life. You take your attention off of the demands of work and daily life, and you go somewhere you love (the mountains, the beach, your favorite city) and you read and relax, you rejuvenate, you might even rev up the romance in your relationship. A relaxing vacation leaves you deeply connected to yourself, to your loved ones, to your values, to Life.

And when you return to your life, you feel restored, renewed. It’s easier to come up with fresh, fun, creative ideas. It’s easier to be your best self, to live from your heart, to really connect with others.

So, how would you like your bedroom to serve the purpose of restoring, renewing, revitalizing you? When I help create a serene bedroom for a client, I know the experience s/he’ll have in that deliberately-created sanctuary will change every aspect of their lives.

When you devote the time and money to create a serene sanctuary in your bedroom, that space will then always subliminally remind you that:
You. Are. A. Priority.

Your needs and preferences matter.

You can set boundaries, goals and intentions.

Your desires can be fulfilled.

Your success is inevitable.

Your bedroom will serve your success in the same way that your favorite relaxing vacation does IF:

1. Your bedroom makes you feel at-choice. You feel “at choice” when you’ve chosen the furniture, the colors, and the accessories in your bedroom the same way that you chose your last favorite vacation spot: according to what would Make You Happy. Feeling “at choice” about your bedroom provides a great antidote to all those things in our life we don’t feel “at choice” about.


2. Your bedroom is attractive to you. If you share the bedroom with your Beloved, it’s attractive to both of you. Before I met my beloved husband Ed, I decided I was complete with the experience of being in relationships that weren’t right for me… AND the experience of being single. I feng shui-ed my bedroom for relationship, including painting it a light peach color (like the room above) and having a bed linens and window treatments made in my favorite colors. A month after we were married, I was reading in bed one night when Ed walked into the room. I felt his energy drop, and asked him why. He didn’t know. I asked him if he liked the colors in the bedroom, and he tactfully replied that he knew I loved the colors, and had spent a lot of money getting the room just the way I loved it. That was the first of many conversations that led to us finding the colors, fabrics and furnishings we BOTH love, and filling our home with those.


3. Your bedroom is comfortable and relaxing. You know… like a spa. It’s vital that you feel safe and comfortable in your bedroom. Otherwise, you won’t sleep well. And if you don’t sleep well, you won’t do anything well. Period. So, clear the clutter from your bedroom. Get the most comfortable mattress you can afford. Splurge on high-quality pillows, bedsheets, and comforter. I recommend wood or upholstered headboards, as they are more comfortable to lean against than metal or rattan. If you sleep with your beloved (or you long to sleep with a beloved), ensure that the two nightstands are of equal height and volume, and have similar lamps on either side of the bed. Ensure that each person has at least 3’ of space on the sides of the bed, to get in and out without feeling cramped. Be sure you have room-darkening window treatments to ensure the room is quiet and dark when you need it to be.


4. Your “first view” makes you feel calm, peaceful, happy, serene. Your bedroom is the first thing you see in the morning when you wake. Whatever is near the foot of the bed is very important; in Feng Shui, it’s called the “first view.” Does your first view make you feel calm, peaceful and serene? The bedroom below belongs to a couple who lacked storage space in their bedroom. The tiny closet wasn’t adequate and their clothes and shoes, books and videos spilled all over the room. It was anything but peaceful. So they had 2 closets, a dresser and a TV installed along one wall, covered with frosted glass doors. Now, instead of seeing all their STUFF, they see serenity.


A few years ago, my husband Ed and I redid our bedroom. Our goal: serenity.

We started by choosing bedroom furniture we both loved. When it was delivered, we realized the dark wood furniture was not enhanced by the olive green walls. We found a light gold color that reminds us of the first rays of sunlight at dawn. We painted the walls, delighted at how the gold glow sets off the dark mahogany.

Then it was time to re-hang our photos and artwork. We agreed that since our goal was serenity, we’d prioritize each item and bring them into the room one at a time, so we could feel when “enough” turned into “too much” for either of us.

We both agreed that our favorite painting would go over the dresser, as our first view. We arranged a jewelry box, orchids, and a sculpture our kids gave us on the dresser. Lovely, and serene. Then, we arranged lamps and a few items on the night stands. Lovely, and serene.

But when we brought in the wedding photo, and held it up to the wall, we both agreed — too much. So, we hung the wedding photo in the hallway, just outside our bedroom door. And the other items that used to hang on the walls? We re-gifted them. We’d rather enjoy the serenity of “just enough” than the busy-ness of “too much.”

If I’ve inspired you to start de-cluttering your bedroom, and you need help staying motivated, I’ve got a gift for you: a $100 Serenity Savings on my Mess to Success Home Study Program below, good ONLY through July 31st!

Celebrate… Then: What’s Next?

Celebrate… Then: What’s Next?

The first quarter of 2013 is almost complete! It’s time to take stock, to ensure our 2013 goals are supported by our aligned actions. Many of you participated in our Holistic Organizer “Escape Your Clutter Prison: Free Your Space, Time, and Spirit to Claim the Life You Deserve” Tele Summit. I’m still receiving grateful emails describing the clutter you are clearing — from your beliefs, your feelings, your rooms.

So, take a moment, and really Celebrate Your Wins for the first 3 months of 2013. And whatever you are celebrating, know that I’m celebrating YOU — for all the tiny choices that go into making your goals happen!

But maybe you are like I used to be… so focused on the work still ahead that I couldn’t even SEE–much less CELEBRATE–my wins.

Two years ago, when I started working with my coach Elizabeth Purvis, I realized she started every coaching call with a celebration of our wins. At first I considered that an odd waste of time. Until that break-down/break-through moment that I got it:

Celebrating Our Wins gives us FUEL for the journey ahead! So take a moment, and make a list of what you’ve done and been in the first quarter of 2013, and let’s do a Happy Dance to celebrate!


And, now, you might want to ask yourself the same questions I’m pondering: What’s Next?

  • What are the next steps on my path to making my goals reality?
  • What do I want to work on first?
  • What feels easiest for me to accomplish?
  • What do I tend to avoid?
  • Where do I feel resistance… and can I feel compassion for myself even when I feel stuck?
  • Where do I need to ask for and receive support?
  • In how many ways can I add more fun and grace to my process?


If you’ve been De-Cluttering, what do you need in order to move your process forward? What do you need in order to get and stay Organized? Do you know how to Feng-Shui your home and workspace for Success? Take a moment to access where you are… and where you want to move next.

Turning Holidays into Holy Days

Each of us has an Archetype (an inner prototype) of our Ideal Holiday. Maybe it comes from a happy childhood memory, a movie or book, or maybe even someone else’s experience. And December is the month we are busy working to ensure that THIS holiday matches up with our Ideal Holiday Archetype.

We’re buying gifts we hope our loved ones will love. We’re cleaning, shopping, preparing food — all with this inner Archetype in mind. And for most of us, this Archetype of the Ideal Holiday includes some observance of whatever we consider Sacred.

But here’s what can happen:

  • we find ourselves exhausted by all the shopping, preparation, parties
  • if loved ones have died, grief surfaces that they are not with us for this holiday
  • loved ones have a different Archetype of the Ideal Holiday than we do and don’t respond the way we want them to — and we end up feeling more separated than connected
  • when we’re out of balance, it’s easier to get “triggered” (when all our circuits get overloaded, we go into old unhelpful patterns) at family gatherings
  • our experience of the Sacred gets lost in the shuffle

Here are the methods I’m using to stay in balance, experience more connection and love with others, and turn this holiday into Holy Days:

  1. Get more Rest. I sleep more in the winter, do you?
  2. Wear Comfortable, Comforting Clothes. I love sweaters; the softer, the better!
  3. Be Consistent with my morning and evening Meditation/Prayer time. My ritual brings my attention deep into my body — and connects me to the Sacred at the same time!
  4. Schedule Peace: for me, that’s yoga and bodywork, weekly, and walking outdoors, daily.
  5. When I Need Help, Ask for It: I feel supported by both my seen and unseen Friends.
  6. Create an Memory Altar* near our Christmas Tree for our Loved Ones who’ve died. This year, that altar will include photos of my Dad, who graduated this life in June.
  7. Stay in Gratitude: I end each day by remembering my happiest moment and giving gratitude for ALL my blessings.
  8. Think of your mantle and tabletop decorations as Altars*. And ask yourself: In how many ways can I make what is Sacred to me the centerpiece or the focal point of this Altar?

* Altar: any grouping of items that alters your mood and energy level when you look at it or think about it.

My prayer for all of us is that we stay connected to each other and to the Sacred, that our holidays are filled with JOY, and as you review 2012, you have much to be grateful for!

Stay tuned for my late-December newsletter, where I’ll have tips on how to do an Effective, Compassionate Year End Review, and Set Your Intentions for 2013!

De-Cluttering — A Radical Act of Creation!

De-Cluttering is actually a act of Definition, which is a radical act of Creation!

“Yes to keeping this. No to keeping that.” It’s the same as saying “I am this. I am not that.”

And we can’t say YES to what we DO want to create in our lives until we first say NO to everything that we don’t want to create.

If you want to say YES to serenity and peace at home, you need to say NO to:

  • items you never use
  • items you don’t love or appreciate
  • items that are broken, torn, or unattractive to you
  • too much stuff in too small a space

What happens when we De-Clutter our rooms? Well, the first thing that happens is all the old stuck energy that had coagulated around the clutter starts moving. And, unless you started your project with a professional Space Clearing, that old energy moving around can feel uncomfortable! You’ll want to be sure to stay hydrated, well fed, and take lots of breaks!

What happens as you move through the process? It gets easier to make decisions. “Yes to this. No to that. I am this. I am no longer that.” And what we find ourselves doing is releasing our old “ego props.” Items that once meant something no longer speak to us. We donate, toss, recycle or shred all we no longer need.

What is really happening is that we are defining ourselves as we De-Clutter. Or rather, we are re-defining ourselves. And our life. At the end of the De-Cluttering process, we’ve released everything that doesn’t align with our new definition.

In my tele seminar and private programs, my students and clients and I agree that De-Cluttering is the sacred act of deliberately claiming the success they seek by releasing all the items that don’t support their goals.

(There’s an added Bonus to De-Cluttering: many who have problems with clutter also have problems with being able to set healthy boundaries. Our De-Cluttering work shifts this: as we say NO to the clutter, we are learning to say no to and release WAY more than just stuff.)

After one of my programs, my clients feel that they have given birth to a new version of themselves. And I feel like the spiritual midwife that supported them through the birthing process.

My Mess to Success: Turning Your Cluttered Home into an Abundant Success Sanctuary Tele Seminar Series is almost complete. I can’t wait to see the before and after photos from the women who’ve been participating!

And, I have a BIG GIFT for all of you. Another FREE tele seminar coming up! So stay tuned!

What Does Your Clutter Represent?

I’m passionate about empowering women to release the clutter from their homes and lives. Why? Because ALL of my clients who have command of their environment enjoy more financial success, happier relationships, and better health than those who don’t.

If you have clutter, you are operating your life while feeling at the effect of that clutter. Feeling drained, discouraged, and distracted by it.

The Good News? In my work with clients, we use their de-cluttering as an Access Point to release ALL their limitations.

Together we clear, not just the clutter, but their limiting beliefs

  • patterns of self sabotage
  • not setting boundaries
  • over-givingnot valuing themselves

I work with clients not just to create ORDER, but to create a SANCTUARY. When we begin to transform our space in this deliberate way, the inner self is transformed in the process.

My clients who begin the de-cluttering process find it so much easier to make healthier food choices and loose weight. As they organize their Sustainable Systems, they find themselves creating sustainable relationships rather than over-giving and feeling drained.

How would you like to enjoy the holidays this year in a lovely, ordered home free of clutter? We still have room in my 5 week Mess to Success: Turn Your Cluttered Home into an Abundant Success Sanctuary TeleSeminar Series! If you join us by midnight Sunday, you’ll receive my early holiday gift of a $100 savings on your investment!

You can find more details and register here: www.abundantsuccesssanctuary.com

Why Don’t You Already Have the Successful WorkSpace YOU DESERVE?

Some people think they don’t have the peaceful, positive, powerful workspace they want because the don’t deserve it. Some think it’s because the things they’ve tried haven’t worked. Some think it’s because they need more time, or more money before they’ll get it organized.

But after working with hundreds of clients, helping them transform their homes and workspaces, what I know is that the Missing Links to creating a peaceful, lovely workspace are:

  • knowing and working with YOUR Unique Retrieval Strategy
  • knowing to create Sustainable Systems that grow and evolve as your life does!

My NLP training has taught me that we each process information differently, and working with so many clients over the years has taught me that we each retrieve memory differently. If I try to remember where I put something I “see” it in my mind’s eye.

But many of my clients have non-visual retrieval strategies and they need extra cues to remember where they’ve put something.

If they just put the information in a file drawer or behind a cabinet door, it’s like throwing the information into a black hole — they’ll never remember it later.

Maybe you’ve experienced this frustration!

But all you really need is to understand how to work with your own Unique Retrieval Strategy!

And creating Sustainable Systems is a skill that isn’t taught in school. Even though I was born with an innate skill for organizing, creating Sustainable Systems is something I had to learn.

The good news? It’s SO easy, once you learn HOW.

What is a Success Partner?

You may not have heard the term before, but I’ll bet you intuitively know what a Success Partner is: someone who supports your goals, someone who brings all their gifts, skills, and abilities to the table — in an honest, transparent, vulnerable, willing-to-share way.

A Success Partner isn’t, and doesn’t try to be, perfect. A Success Partner is someone who shows up fully and moves toward mastery one step at a time, helping others along the way.

We’ve all had teachers, bosses, and colleagues who’ve partnered with us and helped us achieve success. We wouldn’t be where we are now without the mentoring and support our Success Partners gave us.

Did you ever think of your WorkSpace as a Success Partner?
Most people don’t realize that the spaces we live and work in are always partnering with us, whether we know it or not. You see, space is alive and intelligent. Not just nature, but the spaces inside the buildings we live and work in.

And those spaces, including your workspace, are always offering their gifts:

  • shelter
  • safety
  • structure
  • pattern
  • light
  • storage for our stuff
  • horizontal spaces for our work, rest and play
  • the possibility for pattern, texture, and colors that appeal to us
  • a template within which we create our vision for the future

What if you knew that your workspace wanted to be a powerful Success Partner for you? What if you knew that your workspace longed to support the Big Vision you have for your Work in the World?

And what if you knew how to connect to your workspace in ways that allow you to transform your flat, one-dimensional relationship with your workspace into a real partnership — in which you both show up fully and move toward mastery one step at a time, supporting each other along the way?

Join me this coming Monday, May 28th, for my FREE TeleClass where I’ll share ways to turn your workspace into your Success Partner! Every woman who has a Big Vision for her Work in the World needs to be on this call!