How Feng Shui can help you achieve your 2016 intentions!

Feng Shui can help you achieve your 2016 Intentions!

One of THE most powerful ways to up-level your life is to partner with your home using Feng Shui.  

What can Feng Shui do for you?

Feng Shui, although new to the West, is an ancient indigenous Chinese form of life-space design and has been practiced as an integral part of their culture for over 5000 years.

homeUsing Feng Shui gives us the ability to partner with our homes, to improve our lives.  

In a partnership, we both give and receive. We give to our homes by maintaining and beautifying them. When asked “What do we receive from our homes? What do they give us?” most of us would answer: shelter, safety, comfort, connection. But my clients and students who are using Feng Shui would add to that list: success.

When you activate your 2016 intentions with Feng Shui, expect to be surprised and delighted at how much easier it is to accomplish your goals and achieve your success!
You may have heard of the Feng Shui Bagua. The Bagua is an energy grid, or map, to show us what parts of our home activate which stagings areas of our life.
Just like an acupuncture chart shows where the body can be stimulated to up-level certain organs and systems, the Bagua shows areas of our home that can be “stimulated,” or interacted with, to up-level different areas of our life.
Here’s what you need to know about the Feng Shui Bagua

  1. We superimpose the Bagua over our floor plan, with the front entry at the bottom.
  2. The Bagua can be widened or elongated to fit the dimensions of the space.
  3. Each square represents a Gua, or area of the Bagua.
  4. Each Gua governs (or supports) a certain part of your life.
  5. Each Gua needs certain elements to activate it’s potential to support you.
  6. You’ll get the best result if you treat each Gua as one of the members of the Board of Directors of Your Life.

Imagine this grid placed over your floor plan, with the front door on the bottom line. Imagine elongating or widening the Bagua to fit the dimensions of your home. You won’t have a room for each Gua, homes rarely work that way.

Give Your Board of Directors what they need to do their Job

Each Gua, or area of your home, is a member of your Board, and has a certain job, governing a staging area of your life (the staging area that each Gua governs is listed in the center of each square).  And each Gua needs to be activated with the certain things in order to do its job well:
  1. Each Gua needs to be activated with one of the 5 Elements (water, wood, fire, earth, metal).  I’ve listed the activating elements on the line above each Gua.
  2. Each Gua needs to be activated with a color that energizes it.  I’ve put a dot of the colors that activate each Gua in the upper left corner of each square.  You DON’T have to paint the room in one of those colors… but those colors DO add power to your intentions.  So, don’t be afraid to add those colors in your accessories, art work, or vision board in those areas of your home. 
  3. Each Gua (except one) needs to feel either more Yin or more Yang, except for the center of your home which needs the perfect balance of Yin/Yang.  Yin is the quieter, softer, more receptive quality.   Yang is the brighter, more active and energizing quality.  On the line above each Gua, I’ve listed which quality will activate that area.

Know the Job Description for each Gua, or Board Member

Here’s a link to a pdf of the Bagua, with the affirmations or “job descriptions” of each Gua, describing what each area wants to help you create in your life.  

I recommend you print these 2 pages out, and put them in a plastic sleeve, and walk around your home “meeting” each gua, exploring how you can activate each Gua, so it can energetically support you in achieving your intentions.

I’ve actually had students go home from my classes, and cut that Job Description handout into strips and tape those strips on the walls in the appropriate Gua of their home (until they had time to write their OWN intentions to “program” each Gua)… and within days, they experienced their life beginning to shift in positive ways!

Program Each Gua with Your Intentions

Now you are ready to learn how to “program” a Gua with your intentions, or goals.  I always recommend starting with Gua 4, the Abundance Gua, as she (I use that pronoun because Gua 4 is a Yin Gua) is in charge of manifesting all your goals.  I call her the “President of the Board.”

So let’s say your big priority is to get your home de-cluttered and organized.  It’s a process you know will take several months to complete, and you want to harness your home’s Feng Shui power to make the process easier and successful.

Figure out where Gua 4, Abundance/Prosperity, IS in your home.  As you stand in the front doorway of your home, looking in, what room is in the far left corner of your home?  It could be a closet, a bedroom, a living or dining area, an office.  Ours is the laundry room.  Whatever room it is in your home, it’s affecting your Abundance and Prosperity, your income, and your ability to manifest what you prefer.  

Directions to “program” Gua 4 for successful completion of your goals:

  1. Clear the clutter in this room as soon as possible.  (This will also help money flow to you more easily!)

  2. List your short-term goals.  If your long term goal is to de-clutter and organize your whole house, which rooms will you be working on this month?  List specific outcomes in a positive tone, and in the present tense.  (Not “I have to get rid of the clutter, so I don’t feel so awful in there,” but rather “I easily release all that is no longer serving me, and I organize this room so it’s functional and pleasing to me.”)

  3. To be even more effective, this list will include your BIG WHY.  What are the BIG REASONS you want to de-clutter?  What will that allow you to do or be that you’re not doing or being right now?  You may want your home clutter-free so you can have a family gathering there, or so you can enjoy peace of mind, or to help you loose weight (YES!  When your home loses weight, your body begins to correspond with the light and spacious energy by more easily dropping excess weight!).  Whatever your reasons, list them all.

  4. Find some items that represent how you will feel when you’ve de-cluttered and organized your rooms.  You may want to draw or collage some photos, or images and words that inspire you and represent your BIG WHY.

  5. Take your List and your images to the Abundance Gua, and a few items that are special to you (like a shell from your last beach vacation, your favorite amethyst gemstone, a jade plant or african violet) and create an Altar* as close to the far left corner of your house as you can.  *An Altar is any grouping of items that alters your mood and energy level when you look at it or think about it.

  6. See the Bagua for ideas on colors for Altar items.

  7. Arrange your Abundance Altar, holding in your mind and heart the Body-Sense of having your goals already met.  Finish with a prayer or intention statement — and then release your attachment to specific outcomes, and go to work on your Action Plan!

  8. Your Abundance Gua will be silently working for you, so don’t ignore her!  Freshen your Altar once a month and update your intentions.

There’s a lot more to learn about Feng Shui, including how the Guas, or Board Members, partner together to hep you create alignment and success.  For now, I hope you’ve enjoyed exploring the beginning steps I teach my clients for how to harness the power of Feng Shui.  I hope you’ll experiment with Feng Shui, and share your results with me!

Judgement and Desire Cannot Live In The Same Space

April_post2What is your relationship with what you desire?  Are you in a state of joyful expectancy and fulfillment?

If you’re not enjoying your desires, it’s usually because you have some kind of judgement on them. 

Here are some of the judgements I’m familiar with:

• It’s not OK for me to want that.

• That’s too expensive.

• I’ll never be able to…..

• It’ll take me forever to get that done!

• I don’t deserve it.

If any of these judgments come up for you when you ponder your desires, you need to become more like a little child.  A baby doesn’t spin into mental judgments when she wants something.  She just wants it!  She allows herself to have the feeling of DESIRE! 

Have you ever watched a baby determined to master a new skill?  Maybe she wanted to sit, to crawl, to walk, or to pull herself up to the window so she can look out at the world. 

Her DESIRE is the very energy that fueled her action!

In how many ways can you be more like that baby?  If you want a de-cluttered, organized home, are you willing to keep trying, to keep falling down and getting back up again?  Are you willing to ask for any support you need so that you can master the new skills that will give you your goal?

“Start Where You Are” Clean Sweep: 5 Day Challenge Contest Details

What are you tolerating in your home that’s either driving you nuts or slowly draining your energy?  Thomas Leonard, the father of coaching, believed that the piles of clutter and lack of organization may be affecting you more than you realize.

Every little thing in your life matters.  And when you add up a bunch of little things that are not quite right, they weigh you down and keep you stuck just like an anchor does for a boat.

With just a small investment in time and awareness to notice and clean up what you are tolerating, you will experience an immediate boost in your energy and results. When you pull the anchor up out of the water, the boat can go a LOT faster.

~Thomas Leonard

In just a month or two in the northern hemisphere, spring will arrive.  Spring is a time of new beginnings.  But you won’t be able to completely harness the fresh newness of spring if your home is weighed down with items you neither use nor love, or if your home isn’t organized in a way that works for you.

SO, I created A Clean Sweep training (next Sunday at 8pm Eastern—and it’s FREE) to make your de-cluttering and organizing as EASY as possible!   To register click the image below or visit our home page at for more details.

A Clean Sweep

And to jump start your own clean sweep, and to make the process as FUN as possible, I’ve created a “Start Where You Are” Clean Sweep 5-Day Challenge on our Transforming Space Transforming Self Facebook Page.

5 Day Facebook Contest Details

Each day you will have the opportunity to “Start Where You Are” and release ONE thing you no longer need.  And, yes, I’m going to share in the joy (and challenges) that releasing can bring, so I’ll be participating too.  Each day this week I will be posting a picture of one thing I am releasing, and why I’ve decided to let it go, and what releasing that item is creating space for in my life.

To CELEBRATE all of you who enter the contest, I will be giving away  a one hour Professional Organizing or Feng Shui session, to help you turn your home or workspace into a goal-oriented streamlined, serene sanctuary.  The winner will also receive a combo pack of my two favorite essential oil blends for clients who are organizing:

  • Oola Grow (which increases focus in ways that help you reach your mental, emotional and spiritual potential)
  • Valor (which enhances balance, courage, strength, and self mastery)

So if it is time for you to release the “old” and Clean Sweep your life, then please join the FUN on the Transforming Space Transforming Self Facebook Page for our 5-Day challenge.

And be sure to join us for the FREE Clean Sweep Training on Sunday March 9th when we will be announcing the winner.

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 A Clean Sweep

*NOTE: your presence on the call is not required to win the prize.  The winner will be notified if present on the call or via email afterwards.  If you cannot attend the call, you will receive the replay.

Do you want to Activate your 2014 Intentions?

Most of us take some time in January to make New Year’s Resolutions. Today’s article is about how to power up your resolutions by turning them into intentions, and how to activate your 2014 intentions.

After the holidays, when our house quiets down, my husband and I review the intentions we set a year ago, for the year that’s ending. We celebrate our wins and learn from our misses.

When you review your 2013 resolutions, notice what was easy to accomplish, note what was harder and what didn’t happen. See if your priorities shifted as the year went along. What were your biggest obstacles? Where did you derive your biggest support?


We imagine, or “feel into” what we want to create, in our careers, our finances, our health, our relationship with each other and our relationships with our siblings, children, friends, and spiritual community. And then we write an intention for each staging area of our life.


An intention is a bit different than a goal or a resolution.

  • A goal is the purpose toward which your effort is directed, like “I’m going to lose 10 pounds.”
  • A resolution is a firm decree or formal statement, like “I’m going to be a size 8 by spring.”
  • An intention feels more all-encompassing, specific, and powerful than a resolution. An intention is focused on the benefit, to you, in present time, of the specific life-style changes you choose. “In 2014, I enjoy eating well and playing lots of tennis because I love being healthy and strong” is an intention.
    I think of an intention as a goal or resolution with forward momentum. Intentions move our attention toward the benefit of what we prefer to create, allowing us to create what we prefer with more ease and grace!HOW DO I TURN A GOAL OR RESOLUTION INTO AN INTENTION?
    If you usually set New Year’s Goals or Resolutions, you can empower them by turning them into Intentions. To do that, ask yourself the following questions for each resolution:

    • What are the specific life-style changes I need to make to achieve my goal?
    • What will I enjoy having, doing, or being when I’ve achieved that goal?
    • How can I phrase that benefit in present time, so instead of creating the feeling of wanting or desiring the benefit, I’m creating the feeling of enjoyment NOW, during the process?

    This allows us to access the satisfaction of the benefit we are working toward as we are moving toward it, not just after we’ve achieved the final result.

    Here are the levels of power we can give our Intentions:

    1. Pondering/Imagining: When we know that something in our life needs to change, it can help to start in the imaginal realm, and allow ourselves to envision what change might look like. This is the first level of power, and if our intentions exist only in this realm, they will quickly fade away.
    2. Thinking/Determining: Once we know the specific change we need to make, we can power up our intention with our will and determination. This next level of power involves creating a clear mental image and a body sense of what it is you want to create, and holding that image as possible for you. (NOTE: Don’t fall into the trap of believing that your determination alone will be all the power you need. Remember to allow all the support you will need to flow to you, and to appreciate that support!)
    3. Speaking/Sharing: Speaking your intentions out loud empowers them and you! Formulating our goals into words gives them creational power. Naming what we want to create graduates your intention out of the mental domain and is the first ACTION step to creating it. Share your intentions only with those you trust to support those intentions. Mastermind partners (2-5 colleagues who meet weekly by phone to share their own intentions and support their partners’ intentions) report greater success than if they’d just spoken their intentions out loud to themselves.
    4. Writing/Accountability: Put your intentions in writing and you add even more creational power to them. This is why accountability journals are effective. Accountability partners write and share their weekly or monthly intentions with their partner; they hold each other accountable for progress. When we know we will be accountable to a coach or colleague/s, we work harder to achieve our intentions.
    5. Setting Your Intentions/Releasing Attachment to Outcome: I have a specific ritual that I use when I set my yearly or monthly intentions. Part of that ritual includes a process that allows me to release any attachment I have to specific outcomes or deadlines, so that I’m creating from the realm the yogis call “Neutral Mind” rather than “Positive Mind” (trying to make something happen) or “Negative Mind” (resisting something I don’t want). When we live in Neutral Mind, it’s SO much easier to create what we prefer!! See my gift below if you’d like to try this out.
    6. Activating Your Intentions: Our intentions are like seeds, which must be nurtured in order to grow. We nurture intentions with our attention. Which is why creating Feng Shui Altars is the BEST way to activate your Intentions. An altar is anything that alters your mood or energy level; an altar directs your attention to something that uplifts you. Creating a Feng Shui Altar is like opening a portal, or access point, to the Divine. Your Feng Shui Altar, as it holds and embodies your intention and calls down the powers of heaven, is a way to direct your daily attention to what you are choosing to create!

    See Melody Recommends section below for my Feng Shui gift for you!


    Here’s a Gift that will help you acheive
    your New Year’s Intentions

    Most of us make New Year’s Resolutions. But by the end of February, for many of us, those resolutions have faded from our attention… until we make the same ones next year. And when we find ourselves year after year, not doing what we set out to do, we erode our own self-confidence and trust.

    Our intentions are like seeds, which must be nurtured in order to grow. So I’ve created a FREE Guide for you in which I share the Feng Shui secrets to activating your intentions.

    In this 16 page guide you’ll receive:

    • my easy How To Set Up Your Abundance Altar Guide, so it will be easier to manifest your intentions
    • my Neutral Mind Ritual that will allow you to set a powerful intention, while releasing attachment to outcome
    • my Monthly New Moon Ritual, that will help you keep moving toward your intentions and track your progress, as you go through the year

    Click the link below to receive my free guide.

    AND, when you opt-in to receive your free Activate Your 2014 Intentions With Feng Shui Guide, you’ll receive an invitation from me to a 2-Part Playshop I’m facilitating online on January 26 and February 2, that will help you Feng Shui your entire home!

    This Feng Shui Your Home for Success in 2014 2-Part Playshop is open to all of you who would like my expert guidance to set up and activate your Abundance Altar AND the other 8 Feng Shui Altars in your home.

    During this 2-part online experiential group Playshop, I’ll guide you through the process of creating your intentions, setting up all 9 of your Altars, and activating them with what they each need to be SUCCESSFUL in 2014.

    The Playshop takes place in 2 parts: Sunday, January 26 and Sunday, February 2 (the most powerful day of the year to activate your inentions!) from 6-8pm Eastern, 3-5pm Pacific.

    On Sunday January 26, we’ll prepare our intentions for each staging area of our lives, and learn how to set up our Feng Shui Altars.
    On Sunday February 2, we’ll do a powerful activation that will call down the powers of heaven to energize your intentions!

The investment for a private Feng Shui consultation with me is $597. But the investment for this experiential “Do it With an Expert” 2-Part Playshop is only $47. (And yes, you may forward this to invite your friends!)

Click here to register for

When you register for this Feng Shui Playshop, you’ll receive instructions on how to prepare. (Plan to spend 30 minutes preparing, after you’ve read the Guide above). During the 2 sessions, I’ll have slides to illustrate the principles you will be learning, so you’ll understand how to create, enhance and activate each of your 9 Feng Shui Altars. When all 9 Altars are activated, your home will actually be partnering with you for SUCCESS! (If you aren’t able to make the sessions live, there will be a downloadable replay and a PDF guide).

Feng Shui has made such a huge difference in my life and the lives of my clients, allowing us to create what we prefer with so much more ease and grace. My passion is to help women create homes and workspaces that support and serve them to live their most fulfilling lives!

I look forward to facilitating a deeper partnership with your home in this Feng Shui Your Home for Success in 2014 Playshop, and serving your success and enjoying your company in my online community!

For more information and to register for Feng Shui Your Home for 2014 playshop, click here:

Feng Shui Your Home for 2014

It’s Not Too Late!

If you have a BIG VISION for your work in the world, but you’re not yet achieving that vision, it’s not too late to sign up for the program that can get you there.

Let me explain: my experience with hundreds of clients has taught me that you can’t be successful in your work unless you are in command of your environment.

Author Jim Rohn says that each of us are the sum total of the 5 people we hang around with most. I believe the same concept applies to the 5 environments we spend most time in. Your workspace, your bedroom, your bathroom, your kitchen, your car.

So… do a mental scan of those spaces. Are they peaceful and positive? In them, do you feel powerful?

If your answer is “No” or “Not Really,” you owe it to yourself to jump into our “From Mess to Success” tele seminar series! We did the first call Monday with some amazing meditations to clear you and your rooms. You’ll get ALL the replays and the bonus material that will cut your de-cluttering and organizing time in half! AND, you’ll learn how to Feng Shui your Space in ways that align you and your space with your BIG VISION.

No matter how long you’ve been struggling with your space, you’re going to be super-excited because I’m going to share with you the secrets and shortcuts it’s taken me YEARS to develop! In this TeleSeminar Series, you’ll receive 3 Content Calls, 3 Ask the Expert Calls, a Live Q&A Call, a workbook, and lots of bonuses!

You’ll learn

  • How to Create a Peaceful, Ordered WorkSpace
  • How to Create a Positive, Future-Oriented WorkSpace
  • How to Create a WorkSpace in which You Feel Powerful
  • How to Harness the Power of Nature to GET IT DONE!
  • How to Invite Abundance into Your WorkSpace – for Less!
  • How to Stay IN the Game – by Saying NO to Your Possibility Bandits!
  • You’ll get downloadable audios of each call, in case you miss a class or want to listen again.

It’s not too late to jump in with us! You’ll be GLAD you did!

Your Workplace = Sacred Space

Have you ever wondered why you feel tired and drained in some environments and energized in others? My clients often ask me: “Why do I feel so drained when I walk into my office? Why do I have such a hard time deciding what do with my clutter?”

Well, we all have a connection to everything in our space. Every piece of furniture. Every piece of paper.

When we look at it or think about it, we connect our attention to it. And that connection is either raising our mood and energy level (“I just love the artwork my son created for me!”) or lowering our mood and energy level (“Oh, no! I forgot to mail that letter! Oh–that credenza is so stuffed, I can’t fit another thing in there. I really need to clear that old stuff out, but I have no time. Where can I put this file so I don’t forget it?”).

Pretend with me that we each wake up with 1000 units of attention every morning, to spend on anything we wish.

If you walk into your clear, clean, organized, lovely office, you can use those attention units to get your work done (not just the projects due by Friday, but the BIG ones, the ones that will really move your career forward).

But what if you walk into your office and you see piles of papers, overdue bills, books you meant to read, reminders of unfinished projects? Right — you’ve spent those 1000 units of attention before you even sit down at your desk! No wonder you feel so unfocused!

You might have lived with clutter so long you don’t even recognize it’s there, draining you. It might be hidden in your drawers, files, closets. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t affecting you. It’s clogging the space you work in, like plaque clogs arteries.

  • How would you like to walk into your work space and experience feeling peaceful, positive and powerful?
  • How would you like to feel in command of your environment, and your work?
  • How would you like to feel that the very room where you work is a sacred space, a space that is literally partnering with you to help you become the Leader you are meant to be?

I want you to feel that way, too! I’ve worked with hundreds of clients to permanently declutter, organize, and feng shui their space — I’ve coached them from the level of incompetence to Genius and celebrated every minute of their successes!

Let there be PEACE ON EARTH — and let it begin in my room!

Do you feel PEACEFUL in your home and workspace? Creating an environment that gives you the body-sense of peace is the SINGLE most important thing you can do for your future success!

Why? You have a connection to everything in your environment — and that connection is either raising your stress level or lowering it. Every piece of furniture, every book, every piece of paper. It’s all either contributing to your wellbeing — or NOT. Right now, look around the room you’re in. Do you love it? Yes? Then, it’s creating peace for you! Awesome! Stop reading this article and pat yourself on the back!!

But if you look around your workspace and see stacks of articles to read, papers to file, things to sort, bills to pay — well, you may not be feelin’ the peace! Your cortisol levels may be rising as you think of all the work demanding your attention! And that’s the biggest problem – the more demands on your attention from items in your space, the less attention you have for your work!

And what happens over time if this problem is not solved? My clients tell me they:

  • can’t find what they need when they need it, without a frustrating search
  • feel distracted, like they are spinning their wheels
  • have a hard time focusing their attention
  • get only the urgent, immediate stuff done — and feel guilty about “procrastinating” the important work, the work that would really move their career forward

What I remember from when I was in this situation is that the higher my overwhelm (cortisol level) rose, the lower my self-esteem sank. I felt awful, all the time. If you find yourself in this situation, please take a deep breath (Deeper! Great…. now, another one! Wonderful. Breathing always helps.). What I want you to know is: There is a WAY out of your Mess. I know, because I found the way out of mine and I’ve helped hundreds of clients find their way to PEACE ON EARTH, in their own workspace.

Step #1: Take Ten and Clear The Desk
Take everything off your desk (except your computer, phone, lamp). I mean really. Just clear it off. Put things into piles on the floor according to what you’ll need to do with it next. Now clean the surface and admire it. Schedule time to put the piles into containers (file folders, colored magazine holders, bins) with labels and find a home (drawer, shelf, basket on the floor) for them.

Step #2: Create Your Desk as a Focal Point
In my first Natural Childbirth class, we were taught that birthing is easier when we focus our attention deliberately. I chose a drawing of a mother and child as my Focal Point because it represented the powerful love I felt for my unborn child. During labor, when it got hard, I practiced my deep breathing and deliberately brought my attention back to my focal point. Again, and again. Until she was born–and in my arms–and then, my heart opened in celebration and JOY.

How does childbirth apply to your workspace? Well, most of my clients are in the process of giving birth to new versions of themselves, new versions of their careers. The workspace supporting their birth process needs to be clear, clean, uncluttered, and to contain everything needed to facilitate a healthy birth–including a focal point. So, remove from your desk everything that doesn’t feel like Success.

Now you’re ready for an altar item. What can you put on your desk that would remind you of Your Future Self as the Leader of Your Business? Fresh flowers? An orchid? My altar item is a lovely GoldenFlow hand-blown glass pyramid snow dome, filled with floating 14karat gold flakes. It was a gift from my coach Elizabeth Purvis, and when I look at it, I’m instantly connected to the celebration and JOY I felt during our retreat, and to my vision for my business.

Step #3: Set Your Space Up for Success
At the end of each work day, clear your desk and ready it for the next day’s work. Even if the rest of your workspace isn’t completely organized, a clear desk will help you feel more PEACE and remind you that it’s possible to keep the process of de-cluttering going!

Please let me know how these steps work for you–and stay tuned, as my “Mess to Success” Tele Seminar series is coming in May!

Do you feel Peaceful, Positive and Powerful in your home and workspace?

Since writing my last article about living in our Zone of Genius, I’ve been pondering my past, remembering the 30-odd homes I’ve lived in, and asking myself: did I feel peaceful, positive and powerful in this home? During my time there, what zone (incompetence, competence, excellence or genius) was I creating my life from?  It’s been an interesting exploration, and confirms my belief that any home and workspace, whatever it’s limitations, can partner with us to up-level our lives.

Every home and workspace has it’s positive qualities (the way the light enters the kitchen in the morning, the craftsmanship of the woodwork, the shape of the family room) and it’s limitations (the tiny entry, the cramped closets, the drafty windows). But whatever challenges your space offers you, you can always partner with it to up-level your life there. (Yes, even if…. No, especially if you want to move to bigger and better quarters!!)

And the same qualities that up-level US will up-level the rooms we live and work in. As within, so without.

PEACEFUL (the quality that moves us from incompetence to competence)

How do we create more peace in our rooms?

  1. Release all judgments we have about our spaces
  2. Release clutter
  3. Create visual peace (use the same kind of hangers for everything in the closet and the mind will register all those hangers as one item; same thing for picture frames on a wall; group books on a shelf by category, then size)
  4. Create auditory peace (use a water fountain or your favorite music to drown out traffic or unwanted neighborhood noises)
  5. Create kinesthetic peace (use your favorite textures in your living areas and bedroom)

POSITIVE (the quality that moves us from competence to excellence)

How do we create a positive environment?

  1. Release everything that lowers our mood and energy level when we look at it or think about it. (yes… even if it’s hidden in a drawer, it’s still affecting you, and especially if it’s under the bed — no wonder you’re not sleeping well!) (and YES: this gives you permission to give away those family heirlooms you don’t like and will never use.)
  2. Edit your artwork, accessories and collections; keep only what you love
  3. Paint your rooms uplifting colors
  4. Create a Feng Shui Altar to anchor your intentions, with items that give you the body-sense of having, being, doing or enjoying what you prefer!  (an Altar is any grouping of items that alters the way you think or feel)
  5. Use Vision Boards to remind yourself of how it will feel when you meet your goals!

POWERFUL (the quality that moves us from excellence to living in our zone of genius!)

How do we create an environment in which we feel powerful?

  1. Treat your home and workspace–and each room in it–with respect, so that it can powerfully serve the measure of it’s creation
  2. Ensure that you are in the Power Position when sitting at your desk and in your bed
  3. Attend to ergonomics — you can’t feel powerful if you are not comfortable!
  4. Accessorize your rooms with colors that make you feel powerful when you wear them (colors that flatter, not black or navy, the old-school power wardrobe colors)
  5. Give each room a gift (even the attic and utility closets!) from the natural world–a smooth river rock, a crystal or gemstone, a nautilus shell–that anchors your gratitude for that space and honors it’s connection to the whole
  6. Create a monthly ritual to energetically clear your space and dedicate it to your intentions

When we allow our homes and workspaces to be Peaceful, Positive and Powerful, they will help us become Peaceful, Positive and Powerful. As without, so within! Transform your space, and that process will transform you!

Compassion for Your Clutter? Communicate with your Rooms?


Know where the word “clutter” comes from? From the old English word “clotter” which means to coagulate. And that’s what’s happening to the chi, or life-force, flowing through your home when it comes to an area with clutter.

If you have clutter (items you neither use nor love) clogging up your home or workspace, it’s likely you also have some resistance to those items. Resistance is another way to describe judgment.

So you have the clutter, and the stagnant energy that accumulates around clutter. And then you ALSO have your judgments about the clutter and about yourself-which are also slowing down the chi, or energy, in your space.

Want to know how to make your space feel instantly better?


Yes, release all your resistance to the clutter!

“What?” I can hear you thinking. “If I release my resistance to the clutter, won’t the clutter just take over?”

NO. Your clutter won’t be any better or worse if you release all your judgment and resistance. It will still be there, waiting for you to attend to it.

But something very powerful WILL happen. The stagnant energy in your over-stuffed rooms will flow a little better. And you’ll find yourself better able to keep those dates you make with yourself to clear it.

And while you’re at it (this game of discarding your non-helpful judgments), please consider trying on a more helpful perspective. Try it on, like you would an article of clothing—look at it from all angels, see if it raises your mood and energy level.


What if you believed that everything in your life right now–even your clutter–is PERFECT….. given the circumstances that preceded it?

What if you gave yourself mercy, or grace? What if you forgave yourself–and all roommates and/or family members who’ve contributed to the clutter?

What if you forgave the space itself? Maybe you believe your rooms are too small, or your closets inadequate. But what if you just forgave the space for being the size and shape it is…. and allowed yourself to just be present with it?

If you’re still with me, you are ready to do the following exercise. It may take 10 minutes, but it will jump start your clutter-clearing process. Keep me posted on your results.


  1. Walk into the room of your home you most dislike, with a pad of paper and a pen.
  2. Notice your immediate reaction, even if it’s a strong desire to leave. Just notice your inner reaction.
  3. Stand there and ask yourself: What is it that I most dislike about this space? Write down your answers.
  4. Then ask the space: What is it that YOU most dislike? Imagine that the room itself could speak to you. What would it say? What does it want? What is it asking for? Write down the responses.
  5. Circle the ideas that will be easy to implement and schedule them for the next week.
  6. Put a star next to those that will take more time/money and schedule them for later this quarter.

Want to lose weight or improve your health?

Are you trying to lose weight or improve your health? Did you know your home can help you achieve your goals? Let me introduce you to Gua 5 from the Feng Shui Bagua, the center of your home. It represents Health and Unity. It’s JOB is to support you so that this is true for you:
I embody vibrant good health.
I radiate energy and vitality.
I feel centered, grounded, and “on my right path” in life.
My life demonstrates unity of body/mind/spirit, and unity in all my relationships.


To do it’s job, it needs to be activated. How? 
When we look at the  Feng Shui Bagua, we see that the center of our homes represents Health  and Unity. Health and Unity of body/mind/spirit…and Health and Unity in our relationships.
Here are 5 ideas to support this 5 Gua (area of the Bagua), so that it can support your health and unity:

  1. Make sure the center of your home, and the center of each room, is clear and uncluttered. Clutter in the center of your space will adversely affect your health and relationships.
  2. Use the earth element to activate the 5 Health/Unity Gua:
    • use gold, yellow, and earth tones
    • use squares, or horizontal rectangles (a plush sofa is perfect)
    • accessorize with landscapes or photos of your favorite nature scenes
    • add a healthy plant, anything clay or ceramic, a bowl of fresh fruit
    • place shells, rocks, crystals, anything from Mother Earth
  3. Decorate with a balance of yin (soft items) and yang (hard items).
  4. The center of your home is a great place for a seasonal altar that connects you to the natural rythms of Mother Earth.
  5. You can write or print out your health goals and post them in this area of your home. I print our goals out, decorate it with a few images or words cut out of magazines, slide it into a plastic sleeve, and post it inside a door in the  center of our home. Our goals are not on public display–but we see them whenever we open the pantry door!