How YOU Can Receive Support in 2012

Receiving Support is partaking in the flow of Life. Before we were born, as we grew in our mother’s womb, we received all the nutrients, warmth, and support that we needed–without efforting to make it happen.

But as children, many were indoctrinated to believe we won’t receive the support we need–or that we’ll have to DO so much to get it that it won’t be worth the effort. These very beliefs impede our progress and we do well to release them and actively cultivate being in what I call “Receive Mode.”

To be in “Receive Mode,” we must:

  1. know what we need
  2. acknowledge what we need in ways that activate both hemispheres of our brains
  3. ask for what we need
  4. create space (in our minds and hearts and our schedule) to receive the support
  5. give gratitude for all we’ve received
  6. pay it forward… share with others and give what we’ve got!

Number 2 is crucial. Acknowledge what we need in ways that activate both hemispheres of our brains. You see, if we stay in left-brain thinking mode, there is no way we’ll be able to create anything different than what we’re now experiencing!

Einstein said “A problem cannot be solved at the level it was created.” In order to receive the support (seen and unseen, tangible and intangible) we need to up-level our lives, we must activate our right-brain capacities:

  • our imagination — to create the idea of what we want and the belief it can happen
  • our will — to take the leaps of faith that will be required
  • our tenacity and faith — to overcome discouragement
  • our ability to FEEL our connection to the Divine, to all of Life — to receive guidance from our intuition, to notice and say YES to the opportunities flowing our way

SO, how do we activate our right brain?

With images that tell the story we want to create. That’s why, every January I create a Vision Map of what I want to create in the coming year. I’ve used many different formats but the one that works the best for me is to use the Feng Shui Bagua as a template.

The Bagua is an energy grid, or map, that depicts the 9 staging areas of life. When all 9 areas are activated, we find ourselves in the flow of abundance and joy. The Bagua can be superimposed over the floor plan of your home, your workplace, your desk, your mirror. And it works as a great template for a Vision Map. After aligning with my husband Ed and making our list of goals, I sorted them into these 9 areas:


This year I decided to use blue foam poster board. I knew I’d want to put our Vision Map in the Abundance area of our home, to hold the frequency of what we’ll be creating, and in this home, our Abundance area is our laundry room.

So I had to trim the poster board so it would fit nicely on the shelf. Then I measured and scored it so that the sides would fold in, so it would stand on it’s own.

Then, I gathered images and words that represent our goals for the year.

I took some time to look over our 2012 Plan and feel WHY we really want to create our goals. What is the end result we want to be experiencing? Then I allowed my intuition to guide me as I placed the images and words where I felt they belonged.

This is what our 2012 Vision Map looks like:


The Partnership area is an Earth element, so the image I chose is of my husband Ed and me in nature (a photo taken on one of our first trips together while we were dating, sitting on a tree very special to me):

 We have an image of childlike joy and wonder in the Children/ Projects/Creativity area:

In our Helpful Friends/Travel area (which is a Metal element), we used images of an (metallic) angel and a map:

These are the images (and shells) I used for the Water element area of Career/Life Path. They reflect our belief that our work in the world is aligned with our Soul’s purpose, and brings a flow of abundance to us and to those we work with:

These words and the Energy stone anchor our (Earth element) Health/Unity goals:

This is a bit hard to see. It’s a lovely image of a star-studded night sky with the words “The Power of One… lit from within” which illuminates our Fame/Reputation goals:

 Our Abundance/Prosperity (wood element) goals are illustrated with the word “Bountiful Dreams Coming True” glued over images that represent joy and abundance to us:

 For our Family/Community area (wood element), a lovely flower, an image of two sisters and the words “make once-in-a-lifetime into once-a-year” anchor our intention to host another a.m.a.z.i.n.g. family reunion again this year:

 For Knowledge/Wisdom/Self Improvement, we used an image that represents peace, centeredness, strength, and discipline:

If you decide to create your own 2012 Vision Map, I recommend you put it in the Abundance corner of your home. That’s the area we want to activate with our goals. For those of you who want to use this idea in your workspace, here is a Bagua Vision Map I’ve created on the wall in my office:

I used heavy brown wrapping paper tacked to the wall as the background. I change the images to reflect my monthly goals (except for the 2012 vision statement for my business in the center –that will stay all year). I love walking into my office and seeing the bright creative images that are activating my right-brain abilities to receive all the support I need to make my goals my new reality!

Taking Your Business to the Next Level in 2012?

After celebrating how far you’ve come this year, your next step is deciding how you want to grow your business for the coming year:

  1. Do you want to increase the number of times you work with clients next year?
  2. Do you want to up-level the value of the work you do with your clients, and thus your income?
  3. Do you want to expand the circle of those you are marketing your work to?

If you are interested in growing in all or any of these ways, you need an improved “container” for the growth.  What do I mean by “container”? In order to grow your business, there are three containers that must be attended to and aligned with each other:

  1. your consciousness (your beliefs and feelings)
  2. your office, the physical space that contains your work
  3. your relationships with your current and prospective clients

Each of these 3 effects the other 2, but your physical office space is usually the easiest way to up-level the other 2. Your beliefs and feelings about your business are reflected in your space, and reinforced by it. And even if your clients never see your office, their relationship with you is affected by how your office is affecting you.

So, here’s how to spend your time and energy MOST EFFECTIVELY if you want to grow your Business in 2012

  • Prioritize Purging. Schedule the time to edit out EVERYTHING that no longer serves you. If a book, or file, or item reflects your past but can’t be used to move your work forward, it’s clutter and out it goes! (OK, keep a minimal number of items that celebrate the past, but the rest needs to go!)

Why is this important? If we want something new in our experience, we first have to create the SPACE for it! That feeling of spaciousness in your physical environment will help you release impeding beliefs, habits and emotions (and it can help you shed unwanted pounds!). Your office must be de-cluttered in order for you to move your work to your next level.

  • Organize for Success. After clearing clutter, look at your workspace with new eyes. Envision how you want to grow your business. What are the tasks you’ll need to do this year in order to create that growth?  Writing copy? Connecting by phone or online? Your desk is your Command Center. Decide how to organize your workspace in a way that prioritizes your priorities.

How? By giving your prime real estate (the space you can reach from your office chair) to the containers (file folders, notebooks, bins) that hold priority tasks.

  • Anchor your Intentions. Superimpose the Feng Shui bagua (here is my Business Bagua, as my gift to you!) over the room you work in; get to know which areas of your work space correspond to which areas of your business.  Your workspace wants to partner with you, so write down a list of intentions for your business for 2012, and a list of tasks to compete in the month of January, and place those in the Abundance corner.

When is the best time to do this? There is never a bad time to honor your space and request its help, but the best way is to clear the clutter first, then organize, and then do a ritual to partner with your space. Light a candle with gratitude, allow yourself to envision your intentions creating, and place your list (along with an image–a photo, or statue, or vision board) in the Abundance area. I do this, in my home and my office, on the New Moon each month.

Just like caring for our physical bodies is an on-going process, so is caring for the physical container of our business, our work space. It’s never going to be “done.” And it’s a process that we can either endure or enjoy.  So…

I recommend we enjoy the process!  If your workspace isn’t as you wish it was, know that’s a sign you’re growing–and release your judgment. If you don’t care for the colors and furnishings, but you don’t have the time or money to change that right now, include that on your list of intentions for 2012. Do all you can, when you can, knowing that even 15 minutes of de-cluttering and organizing twice a week will make a difference over a year’s time!

The most important part of this process is to realize that your work space is alive, intelligent, and wants to partner with you to make 2012 a year of growth and abundance for your business!

Want to Improve Your Relationships?

Growing up the oldest of 7 children, I know how feelings of separation can lead to frustration and anger–and that leaves an upsetting vibe in the space you live and work in. How would you like to create a stronger connection in all your relationships?

It’s easy–just follow my 5 step method: 

Start by partnering with the space you live and work in! The ancient technology of Feng Shui gives us the Bagua, an energy map that shows us where in our space we can activate certain aspects of our lives. As you stand in the doorway of your home or workspace, looking in, the room in the far right corner is your Relationship area.

  • At home, the far right corner affects your love and family relationships.
  • At work, the far right corner affects your relationship with your clients and your team

Go to that area of your space, and feel what it feels like there. Clear any clutter, clean it up at bit, the way you would if a beloved guest was coming.

The next step is to partner with your desires. So what is it that you would LIKE to experience in your relationships this holiday? Most of us are good at knowing what we are missing… but what is it that you choose to create? Let yourself FEEL what it is that you prefer. Get into the BodySense of enjoying that! Now, write down an intention that expresses what you prefer to create. For example: “Our love creates a strong happy family.” “Our clients are thrilled with our service and refer their friends.”

Create an altar that anchors your intentions for your relationships. An altar is any grouping of items that alters the way you think or feel. You can use photos, written intentions, artwork, anything that represents to you what you prefer to experience in your relationships. For example, in the Relationship area of our home right now, I have our wedding album, surrounded by votive candles — one for each one of our children and grandchildren. I imagine each member of our family warmed by the love Ed and I feel for each other. In my workspace Relationship area, I display cards and photos from grateful clients.

Each time you enter the Relationship area, allow yourself to FEEL the JOY of creating what you prefer! It may not be your reality yet, and you may be experiencing a dissonance between what you have now and what you want. That’s OK… that means you are alive and growing! Let yourself feel whatever it is you feel now, and keep bringing your attention back to what you choose. Feel the joy of the future version of reality you are creating! Release any attachment to when/how it shows up. Just keep feelin’ the love whenever you look at your altar!

Update your altars frequently so they don’t get stale. Your altars need to grow and change as you do! Just as our clothes change with the seasons, our altars need to be freshened to reflect the goals we are moving toward.

Your Home is Alive!

Many clients are surprised when I tell them that their home is alive.  That idea feels weird to most westerners.  But to those from eastern cultures, and to native peoples all over the world, that belief supports–and is supported by–an awarenss that all of Nature is alive and intelligent–and wants to partner with us.

If I held up my hand in any western class, fingers outstretched, and asked “How many items do you see?” what do you think the response would be?

Right!  5 fingers or 1 hand.

But if I held up that same outstretched hand in any eastern class and asked “How many items do you see?” the answer would be 9 items.

5 fingers–and the 4 spaces between them.

You see, other cultures have been trained from birth to recognize what our scientists are now discovering: Space is Alive.  And Space is Intelligent.  And, with that belief, they are able to see and experience the spaces between items in a way we westerns haven’t.

If you are having trouble with these ideas, that’s understandable.  Western culture uses dominator language to express relationship with space/nature.  We have a one-up/one-down relationship with space: we assume that as intelligent humans, our role is to dominate, to be stewards over the land.

Consider how that paradigm will produce a different experience that the following beliefs:

  • Nature is Alive
  • Nature is Intelligent
  • Nature wants to Partner with Us
  • Space is Alive
  • Space is Intelligent
  • Space wants to Partner with Us
  • Every form of Life has its gift to give
  • The elements that make up our bodies also make up the bodies of our homes–there is Intelligence singing through everything created: human, plant, animal, nature, man-made
  • Everything created (even those things created by man) wants to fulfill the measure of its creation
  • Each Home we’ve lived in has had an effect on us
  • we’ve had an effect on each Home we’ve lived in
  • the Home we now live in has unique gifts to give us (and challenges to offer us)

Your Home wants to fulfill the measure of its creation: it offers more than shelter, it wants to support you to live your best life

You may own the land you live on and the home you live in.  But I’m going to ask you to go beyond the “I own” belief and try on some new ones.

Say the following out loud, and really feel what happens inside you as you do:

  • “I partner with this Land and this Home.”
  • “This Land and this Home want to shelter and support me.”
  • “This Land and this Home have gifts and opportunities to give me”
  • “This Land and this Home may also have opportunities for me in the form of challenges.”
  • “By treating my Home as intelligent, I may improve my experience with it.”
  • “When I honor the Land I live on and the Home I live in by connecting with them, flowing appreciation to them, by treating them as Partners, my feeling of being supported by them will increase.”

Note how that exercise felt to you–and please share that with me.  I remember how skeptical I felt when I first heard these ideas, so you won’t offend me if they still feel weird to you.  I just ask that you allow yourself to experiement with them, to discover if they have a positive effect on your partnership with your space.