Create Your Life Story

Most of us rush through our days without any thought to the life history we will leave our loved ones when we die. In this class, we look at the simple ways we can start now to gather and shape a record of our lives. Different systems (journaling, photo albums, treasure boxes, video, CD ROM) are evaluated. You’ll learn how to organize photos and memorabilia, and how to write, tape, or film a detailed—and insightful—account of your own life.

Transform Your Life Story

We all have a story, a way we define ourselves and what’s happened to us. But as we actually experience our lives, it is not possible to take in everything that happens to and around us. Our perceptions form an often-unconscious filter. Cultural and family belief systems create a mental map of ‘how the world is.’ These beliefs, which form our perceptions, are laid down so early in our consciousness that most are embedded in our minds before we, as toddlers, had the ability to use language! Learn how to transcend your current script by bringing your perceptions and beliefs into focus and releasing the ones that do not serve you. This session includes breathwork, forgiveness meditation, and journaling.