Clean Sweep: before, during, after

I thank those of you who have honestly shared with me your frustrations about the clutter in your life.  Many of you are experiencing the same frustrations that I was, 30 years ago, when my home was such a mess:

  • you have too little space (or storage space) in your home
  • you have too many distractions and responsibilities
  • you have too little time to get de-cluttered and organized
  • you don’t have the energy to get de-cluttered and organized
  • you’re unsure how to get maximum results from the time/energy you spend de-cluttering and organizing (you feel like you’re spinning your wheels)

So I decided to share with you two Clean Sweep Success Stories, both still in progress, written by two of the recent participants in my recent Mess to Success program.  Like you, they struggled with those same issues.

I’ll share Silke’s story first.  Because she lives in Germany, she wasn’t able to attend any of the calls live, so for her, it truly was a home study course.  Silke has young children to care for, plus she is taking classes to up-level her career, so she’s a very busy young mom!  Her comments are bolded; mine are italicized.

Before the Program: We have so little storage and our basement is huge, so we resorted to storing things there.  Soon after we moved in, the basement became a mess, and it takes a huge effort to clean.  This is most annoying: no matter how often I tidy, it keeps filling up quickly.  It takes so much effort… and often I give up halfway through.

[What Silke was telling me was that she didn’t have systems for the items that collected in the basement… and she didn’t know how to create systems.  I could also feel how the stagnant energy in the basement was adversely affecting her self-esteem and energy level.]

Week 1:  I appreciate how you deliver your knowledge!  The first session motivated me to get into the process of clearing stuff in my home, mind and probably even my soul.  Ever since I started with this program, I’m more organized and have less adverse feelings toward cleaning and getting things in order and—most importantly—keeping things this way.

[In the first session, we learn to clear our relationship with our home and the clutter in it.  We learn how to release our judgment on the home and on ourself, so we can be FULLY PRESENT to clear the clutter.  This session always makes a huge difference to people who have been tolerating clutter for a long time!]

Week 2:  I squeezed in two de-cluttering sessions (listening to the audios as I went along, which really motivated me). I have never gotten so much done in such a short time!!  That was really amazing.  I feel calm and happy in the basement, going through the sorting process.  I think your work is wonderful.  I feel my energy level is better and the space is, too!

[In the 2nd session, I share my Professional Organizer’s secrets on how to maximize your results from your time spent de-cluttering and organizing, as well as how to make the experience enjoyable!  I’ve structured both the audios and the workbook to give you maximum results for a minimum of effort spent de-cluttering, because it’s important to experience initial successes, so you’re motivated to keep going.]

After Week 5:  Your program works wonders!  During last five weeks, I didn’t have much time to devote to de-cluttering, yet the results are amazing!!!  I’ve tossed and donated so much, to get rid of the clutter as soon as possible.  I got more done in an extremely short period of time than in the last 10 years!  Now that I know how to create Sustainable Systems I’m looking forward to sorting the remaining papers in the basement!
[It’s so important to understand how to create Sustainable Systems, which are ways of organizing your home that are sustainable, that grow and evolve as your life does.  It’s also important to align your Sustainable Systems with the way your brain remembers where you’ve put something.  See where I share the specifics taught in Sessions 1-5 of Mess to Success, for more on this.]

Silke’s Clean Sweep Success is still in progress, as she continues to implement the techniques and strategies she learned in Mess to Success, in every room of her home.

Below is Dawn’s story.  Like many of my clients, Dawn has been in a time of transition.  Several years ago, she became ill and her normal life was “put on hold” while she recovered her health.  During that time, her lovely home became overrun with clutter.  Again, Dawn’s comments are bolded; mine are italicized.

Before the Program:  Before doing Melody’s Mess to Success Program, I felt overwhelmed and frustrated.  My living room has always been my beautiful “sacred space” but in the last few years of stress, it had gotten completely messy.  Too embarrassed to have anyone over, I was angry myself for letting it get that bad.

[The first thing Dawn needed to clear was her judgment on herself.  Many of us think we have compassion for ourselves… until we listen deeply to our self-talk.]

During the Program:  Listening to the first session, I was able to release that judgment and just accept my situation.  I deliberately chose to move forward from this point, without continuing to spin in self-judgement.  I found Melody’s compassion and the way she creates community so motivating.

Here’s a summary of how I re-created sacred space in my living room:

  1. I immediately started tossing items I no longer needed.
  2. Then, I removed all items from the living room items that needed to be elsewhere in the home.
  3. I finished the living room by containing items I wanted to keep in attractive baskets

After the Program:  I’m very thankful that that I stumbled upon Melody’s course on the very day I felt so frustrated!  I knew that God sent me an angel to help me.  I’m so grateful that through the processes of the course I discovered:

  • it’s ok to let go 
  • I’m not alone on my journey
  • how to harness my desire to complete this long-delayed project

I felt so peaceful once the living room was cleaned of my clutter.  I love my living room again!

It’s very clear from the photos that both Silke and Dawn have the ability to create both order AND beauty in their homes.  They just needed my help to get that process jumpstarted. 

If YOU need some help to get YOUR Clean Sweep project complete, I have a gift for you, below.

I want to give you $300
to get your Clean Sweep done!

I created my Mess to Success program to give you the four basic steps to clearing clutter and creating sustainable systems in your home, no matter how messy it may currently be.

Those 4 steps are:

  1. Emotional: this step will help you clear all judgment and resistance that’s keeping you stuck.
  2. Physical: this will teach you how to use sensual de-cluttering techniques and create your own customized organizing plan.
  3. Mental: this will help you understand how to create Sustainable Systems that align with YOUR own Unique Retrieval Strategy.
  4. Spiritual: you’ll learn how to access and activate your desired future!

And in the 5th audio, I teach you how to pull all of this together as you set up your home to be your Success Partner.

The investment for this home study program, with its 90-page workbook and 10 hours of audio training, is $397.

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