Clean Sweep Your Home for the Holidays

The piles were slowing down the flow of energy in those areas — not a great thing. And true: I hadn’t enrolled a new client in my private programs for a couple of months.

Just a taste of Melody’s work helped me change things around. She was patient, kind, firm and SO generous, walking me through a process that totally honored the deeper meanings held in all my “stuff.”

I got rid of most of the boxes: my bedroom AND my living room are both clear and peaceful, I enrolled three new, awesome clients… and the mess on my desk? I put it away every night.

Clean Sweep Your Home for the Holidays

We all long for our homes to be tidy, warm and welcoming for the holidays.  But many of us have piles of clutter that drain our mood and energy level.  

It can be tempting to bag up the piles of paper or clothes and stuff them in unused rooms—but if we never get around to sorting those items after the holidays, that will create an even bigger drain on our attention and energy level.

So what to do?

I wish, with all my heart, that I could be right there in your home with you, sharing my expertise and working along with you, to sort and toss, organize and beautify.

For me, doing a Clean Sweep with a client is such a JOY, to feel the relief and the excitement that builds as all the old, unneeded items leave the space and we organize what is needed.  To create Sustainable Systems with my clients is way more FUN for me than it is work!

So, this year I created a holiday gift for you, a list of the top ten tips I share with EVERY client I work with.  

These are the tips we use to release from their rooms ALL the items which are no longer useful.  These are the tips we use to create order, warmth and beauty, to make each room feel welcoming.  

And because this is the season when we are shopping for gifts for our family and friends, I’ve included a tip for wise gifting, as well as a Bonus Guide for donating and monetizing everything you are not going to keep!

Click on the image below to download the pdf, so you’ll have my Clean Sweep Tips for the Holidays when you want them.



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