Compassion for Your Clutter? Communicate with your Rooms?


Know where the word “clutter” comes from? From the old English word “clotter” which means to coagulate. And that’s what’s happening to the chi, or life-force, flowing through your home when it comes to an area with clutter.

If you have clutter (items you neither use nor love) clogging up your home or workspace, it’s likely you also have some resistance to those items. Resistance is another way to describe judgment.

So you have the clutter, and the stagnant energy that accumulates around clutter. And then you ALSO have your judgments about the clutter and about yourself-which are also slowing down the chi, or energy, in your space.

Want to know how to make your space feel instantly better?


Yes, release all your resistance to the clutter!

“What?” I can hear you thinking. “If I release my resistance to the clutter, won’t the clutter just take over?”

NO. Your clutter won’t be any better or worse if you release all your judgment and resistance. It will still be there, waiting for you to attend to it.

But something very powerful WILL happen. The stagnant energy in your over-stuffed rooms will flow a little better. And you’ll find yourself better able to keep those dates you make with yourself to clear it.

And while you’re at it (this game of discarding your non-helpful judgments), please consider trying on a more helpful perspective. Try it on, like you would an article of clothing—look at it from all angels, see if it raises your mood and energy level.


What if you believed that everything in your life right now–even your clutter–is PERFECT….. given the circumstances that preceded it?

What if you gave yourself mercy, or grace? What if you forgave yourself–and all roommates and/or family members who’ve contributed to the clutter?

What if you forgave the space itself? Maybe you believe your rooms are too small, or your closets inadequate. But what if you just forgave the space for being the size and shape it is…. and allowed yourself to just be present with it?

If you’re still with me, you are ready to do the following exercise. It may take 10 minutes, but it will jump start your clutter-clearing process. Keep me posted on your results.


  1. Walk into the room of your home you most dislike, with a pad of paper and a pen.
  2. Notice your immediate reaction, even if it’s a strong desire to leave. Just notice your inner reaction.
  3. Stand there and ask yourself: What is it that I most dislike about this space? Write down your answers.
  4. Then ask the space: What is it that YOU most dislike? Imagine that the room itself could speak to you. What would it say? What does it want? What is it asking for? Write down the responses.
  5. Circle the ideas that will be easy to implement and schedule them for the next week.
  6. Put a star next to those that will take more time/money and schedule them for later this quarter.

2 thoughts on “Compassion for Your Clutter? Communicate with your Rooms?

  1. I find your site and approach wonderful. I have a room that is waiting for me to clear up and it makes me feel defeated. I am going to try your approach and see what happens… Will keep you posted. Thank you! Rajee

    • I’m giving a free tele class on Monday night. Will you be able to join?