De-Cluttering Your Closet

September is almost upon us. As we enjoy the last days of summer, here in the northern hemisphere, we know that soon the weather will change and most of us will bring winter clothes out of storage and store our summer clothes. Which is a perfect opportunity to edit our wardrobe and de-clutter our closet!

Our closets make a huge difference to our well-being. If our closet is a mess, we start our day in a frustrated search for what we’ll wear, instead of enjoying the process. My dear friend Annie Rohrbach has this to say, in her book Conscious Order about de-cluttering our closets: “A closet is more than a reminder of past sizes; it is a chronicle of personal history. Like a scrapbook, a closet serves as a visual reminder of emotional memories. Honor your process as you proceed.”

Indeed! Some of my clients have compared the process of clutter-clearing their closets to “an archeological dig.” Making a deliberate choice about whether or not you’ll keep certain clothes can also allow you to deliberately choose which memories and emotions to hold on to and which to release.

I recently helped one of my clients de-clutter her master closet. In only 5 hours, it went from mess to success! Before we started, items on the floor created a safety hazard and made it hard to find what was needed.


In only 5 hours, my fearless client had released many items to donate and to sell, and we’d cleared the entire floor and tidied most of the shelves. She’ll continue to edit her wardrobe, and finish tidying up the shelves, but can you feel her joy and pride, now that she and her husband can find what they need?


Here are some tips to help you clear the clutter out of your closet:

5 Questions to Help You Sort
Most of the time we only wear 20% of what’s hanging in our closet. Asking yourself these 5 Questions will help you sort out the 80% of items that are just clogging your space:

  • Do I wear this?
  • Do I love this?
  • Does it fit comfortably?
  • Is it flattering?
  • Is it in good repair?

If you answer yes to all 5, the item stays. If it needs repair or cleaning, ask: Is it really worth the time and money? If yes, separate those items and handle them later.

As you pack away your summer clothes, be sure you will actually wear those items again. If not, let them go! Don’t keep clothing more than 3 sizes smaller than you are now; by the time you lose the weight, those clothes will be out of style. (You’ll also deserve a new wardrobe!)

Donate or Sell?
For items you are not keeping, ask: who can I donate these items to? I don’t usually recommend hanging onto items in order to sell them later unless you know it will be worth the time and energy it will take to do that. Most of my clients prioritize their time, and getting unwanted items out of the house quickly in exchange for a tax deduction works best.

Organize to Edit
As you remove the clothes you aren’t keeping, organize the ones you are keeping by category and then by color.

Treat your clothes well; use good hangers. If you use all the same kind/color of hangers, your closet will feel more serene than if you use several varieties.

As you organize, use this tip to help you further edit your wardrobe: turn all your hangers in one direction. Then, after wearing each item, flip the hanger to hang in the other direction and keep it flipped. After six months, donate the untouched clothes.

How to Store Out of Season Clothing

Always store clothes in the main part of the home; avoid storing clothing in attics and basements. Clean garments before storing. Any stains (even ones you can’t see) will attract moth larvae and other insects, and will oxidize and become harder to clean.

NEVER use mothballs; the smell is almost impossible to remove and the chemicals are harmful to skin and eyes. Use bags of cedar and herbs. Don’t put cedar blocks directly on clothes (the oil might stain fabric); instead wrap them in acid-free tissue.

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