Do you feel Peaceful, Positive and Powerful in your home and workspace?

Since writing my last article about living in our Zone of Genius, I’ve been pondering my past, remembering the 30-odd homes I’ve lived in, and asking myself: did I feel peaceful, positive and powerful in this home? During my time there, what zone (incompetence, competence, excellence or genius) was I creating my life from?  It’s been an interesting exploration, and confirms my belief that any home and workspace, whatever it’s limitations, can partner with us to up-level our lives.

Every home and workspace has it’s positive qualities (the way the light enters the kitchen in the morning, the craftsmanship of the woodwork, the shape of the family room) and it’s limitations (the tiny entry, the cramped closets, the drafty windows). But whatever challenges your space offers you, you can always partner with it to up-level your life there. (Yes, even if…. No, especially if you want to move to bigger and better quarters!!)

And the same qualities that up-level US will up-level the rooms we live and work in. As within, so without.

PEACEFUL (the quality that moves us from incompetence to competence)

How do we create more peace in our rooms?

  1. Release all judgments we have about our spaces
  2. Release clutter
  3. Create visual peace (use the same kind of hangers for everything in the closet and the mind will register all those hangers as one item; same thing for picture frames on a wall; group books on a shelf by category, then size)
  4. Create auditory peace (use a water fountain or your favorite music to drown out traffic or unwanted neighborhood noises)
  5. Create kinesthetic peace (use your favorite textures in your living areas and bedroom)

POSITIVE (the quality that moves us from competence to excellence)

How do we create a positive environment?

  1. Release everything that lowers our mood and energy level when we look at it or think about it. (yes… even if it’s hidden in a drawer, it’s still affecting you, and especially if it’s under the bed — no wonder you’re not sleeping well!) (and YES: this gives you permission to give away those family heirlooms you don’t like and will never use.)
  2. Edit your artwork, accessories and collections; keep only what you love
  3. Paint your rooms uplifting colors
  4. Create a Feng Shui Altar to anchor your intentions, with items that give you the body-sense of having, being, doing or enjoying what you prefer!  (an Altar is any grouping of items that alters the way you think or feel)
  5. Use Vision Boards to remind yourself of how it will feel when you meet your goals!

POWERFUL (the quality that moves us from excellence to living in our zone of genius!)

How do we create an environment in which we feel powerful?

  1. Treat your home and workspace–and each room in it–with respect, so that it can powerfully serve the measure of it’s creation
  2. Ensure that you are in the Power Position when sitting at your desk and in your bed
  3. Attend to ergonomics — you can’t feel powerful if you are not comfortable!
  4. Accessorize your rooms with colors that make you feel powerful when you wear them (colors that flatter, not black or navy, the old-school power wardrobe colors)
  5. Give each room a gift (even the attic and utility closets!) from the natural world–a smooth river rock, a crystal or gemstone, a nautilus shell–that anchors your gratitude for that space and honors it’s connection to the whole
  6. Create a monthly ritual to energetically clear your space and dedicate it to your intentions

When we allow our homes and workspaces to be Peaceful, Positive and Powerful, they will help us become Peaceful, Positive and Powerful. As without, so within! Transform your space, and that process will transform you!

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