Do You Need a Jump Start?


I Finished It!

I finally finished my book on creating sacred space for the dying, in April, after 14-years of working on this project! I’m now deep in the process of self-publishing.

melody lebaronI’m SO THRILLED about FINALLY finishing the writing and editing of my book that I want to share my joy with you, my precious community. How many of you have a HUGE project that you’d like help with? Maybe it’s de-cluttering and organizing your home or workspace. Maybe it’s up-leveling a particular room or area of your home. Well, I have a GIFT for you, so see my article below!

With joyful blessings flowing from my heart and home to yours,
Melody Magdalene


Do You Need a Jump Start?

Have you ever started a project in your home or workspace, only to get distracted and leave it undone? Well, I’m on a HIGH from finally completing my book and I want to help YOU get your projects done!

If you are working on

  • de-cluttering and organizing your home or your workspace
  • creating new routines that better support you achieving your goals
  • activating your intentions in your home and workspace
  • releasing an old identity or aspect of your self, so you can move forward
  • forgiving someone or something, so you can free yourself of that memory

Let me help you with:

  • a Space Clearing, in which I dowse for and clear all geo-pathic and metaphysical disturbances that are keeping you stuck. A Space Clearing creates a 4-6 week window of opportunity to up-level everything in your life!
  • a Professional Organizing consultation, in which we’ll create a do-able plan for getting rid of all that no longer serves you–and organizing what you keep in a way that will be easy for you to remember where everything is stored!
  • a Feng Shui session, in which we’ll correct for any imbalances in your home and activate your expansive intentions with altars that will magnetize manifestation!
  • a Personal Clearing, which clears the body and energy field and leaves you feeling peaceful, powerful and on-purpose!
  • a Forgiveness Session, which cuts the negative cords between you and any person or pattern that has provided a painful lesson for you, so you can move forward!

Each of these sessions usually takes 2 hours and the investment is $150 an hour. But the first 10 people who email me with a YES, I need a Jump Start!, will receive the session/s of their choice for a 30% savings (only $100 an hour).

You can check out my website for more details on each session, and then email me at to schedule a 20-minute discovery session to see if it’s a good fit for us to work together.

So, who’s first? I’d love to help YOU get your project DONE!!!


“The Before and After Difference is Absolutely Incredible!”

Before the Space Clearing
In the 2 years since we moved to this house, we’ve had more unfortunate events than I’ve ever before experienced in my entire life. We learned at the closing that one of the former owners died, and the other lost the house to foreclosure. Since we moved in, 3 trees have fallen—on the house, the shed and on all 3 of our vehicles, including the truck my husband Pete drives for work. We hear strange noises and our toddler wakes screaming every night. Here are a few pictures of the damage outside. Do you know anyone who can help us?

Irene Taylor posted this plea on Facebook—and one of her friends connected us and we scheduled a Space Clearing.







Two Days After the Space Clearing

I could not get to my computer fast enough this morning to share with you all that happened since you left here Saturday evening!!! Our hearts are bursting with love, joy and gratitude!

Our whole house and property just feels lighter, brighter and so full of love and life! I can feel the loving energy when I go outside, it is absolutely incredible!!

Your work here has also transformed Pete—he feels an immense sense of healing and peace that I have never seen in him before. The baby has been at ease, no fussiness, and sleeping at night has been so peaceful!!

After you left, Pete went down to check the mail and we had a letter from the IRS saying that they are holding our refund because we forgot to file a particular form. Normally I would have been upset, but I wasn’t. I went back into Turbo Tax to do an amendment and discovered that before the amendment, we owed State taxes of $347 and the amendment wiped that out—we owe ZERO State taxes and our Federal refund was increased by $795!!! I was utterly amazed!!

Our trucking business has been extremely slow lately, but this morning we got an email requesting a load that is Pete’s favorite run!

I know the Personal and Space Clearing has cleared out all of the stuff that has been blocking us!!! I feel energized like never before in my life!!

Two Months after the Space Clearing
Weeks after the Space Clearing, more severe storms came through our area. Instead of going into fear, we connected with the 4 trees which we chose (during the Clearing) to be our Guardians, asking them to protect our home and land. The storms moved out much more quickly than usual—we didn’t even have one branch down!

Our home and office just feels so much lighter and loving. We’ve greatly up-leveled the clients we’re serving with our business—AND our income—since you were here. Our employees report feeling peace and joy when they are here, instead of the anxiety they used to feel.

We’ve rearranged furniture and moved our son into the bedroom he prefers. He now plays in his own room by himself—so different from before the Space Clearing, when he would NOT go in his room.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours planning and then creating gardens that we love. We feel such a connection to the land; we can feel the land loving and blessing us!

jump-start-4We have had an overwhelming sense of peace and calmness. My husband and I were already close, but we have such a deeper connection since the Clearing.

And lastly, all of the intentions we set during the Space Clearing have all come to be. This has been such a life altering experience in a wonderful way!

Irene and Pete Taylor and Family

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