Do you want to Activate your 2014 Intentions?

Most of us take some time in January to make New Year’s Resolutions. Today’s article is about how to power up your resolutions by turning them into intentions, and how to activate your 2014 intentions.

After the holidays, when our house quiets down, my husband and I review the intentions we set a year ago, for the year that’s ending. We celebrate our wins and learn from our misses.

When you review your 2013 resolutions, notice what was easy to accomplish, note what was harder and what didn’t happen. See if your priorities shifted as the year went along. What were your biggest obstacles? Where did you derive your biggest support?


We imagine, or “feel into” what we want to create, in our careers, our finances, our health, our relationship with each other and our relationships with our siblings, children, friends, and spiritual community. And then we write an intention for each staging area of our life.


An intention is a bit different than a goal or a resolution.

  • A goal is the purpose toward which your effort is directed, like “I’m going to lose 10 pounds.”
  • A resolution is a firm decree or formal statement, like “I’m going to be a size 8 by spring.”
  • An intention feels more all-encompassing, specific, and powerful than a resolution. An intention is focused on the benefit, to you, in present time, of the specific life-style changes you choose. “In 2014, I enjoy eating well and playing lots of tennis because I love being healthy and strong” is an intention.
    I think of an intention as a goal or resolution with forward momentum. Intentions move our attention toward the benefit of what we prefer to create, allowing us to create what we prefer with more ease and grace!HOW DO I TURN A GOAL OR RESOLUTION INTO AN INTENTION?
    If you usually set New Year’s Goals or Resolutions, you can empower them by turning them into Intentions. To do that, ask yourself the following questions for each resolution:

    • What are the specific life-style changes I need to make to achieve my goal?
    • What will I enjoy having, doing, or being when I’ve achieved that goal?
    • How can I phrase that benefit in present time, so instead of creating the feeling of wanting or desiring the benefit, I’m creating the feeling of enjoyment NOW, during the process?

    This allows us to access the satisfaction of the benefit we are working toward as we are moving toward it, not just after we’ve achieved the final result.

    Here are the levels of power we can give our Intentions:

    1. Pondering/Imagining: When we know that something in our life needs to change, it can help to start in the imaginal realm, and allow ourselves to envision what change might look like. This is the first level of power, and if our intentions exist only in this realm, they will quickly fade away.
    2. Thinking/Determining: Once we know the specific change we need to make, we can power up our intention with our will and determination. This next level of power involves creating a clear mental image and a body sense of what it is you want to create, and holding that image as possible for you. (NOTE: Don’t fall into the trap of believing that your determination alone will be all the power you need. Remember to allow all the support you will need to flow to you, and to appreciate that support!)
    3. Speaking/Sharing: Speaking your intentions out loud empowers them and you! Formulating our goals into words gives them creational power. Naming what we want to create graduates your intention out of the mental domain and is the first ACTION step to creating it. Share your intentions only with those you trust to support those intentions. Mastermind partners (2-5 colleagues who meet weekly by phone to share their own intentions and support their partners’ intentions) report greater success than if they’d just spoken their intentions out loud to themselves.
    4. Writing/Accountability: Put your intentions in writing and you add even more creational power to them. This is why accountability journals are effective. Accountability partners write and share their weekly or monthly intentions with their partner; they hold each other accountable for progress. When we know we will be accountable to a coach or colleague/s, we work harder to achieve our intentions.
    5. Setting Your Intentions/Releasing Attachment to Outcome: I have a specific ritual that I use when I set my yearly or monthly intentions. Part of that ritual includes a process that allows me to release any attachment I have to specific outcomes or deadlines, so that I’m creating from the realm the yogis call “Neutral Mind” rather than “Positive Mind” (trying to make something happen) or “Negative Mind” (resisting something I don’t want). When we live in Neutral Mind, it’s SO much easier to create what we prefer!! See my gift below if you’d like to try this out.
    6. Activating Your Intentions: Our intentions are like seeds, which must be nurtured in order to grow. We nurture intentions with our attention. Which is why creating Feng Shui Altars is the BEST way to activate your Intentions. An altar is anything that alters your mood or energy level; an altar directs your attention to something that uplifts you. Creating a Feng Shui Altar is like opening a portal, or access point, to the Divine. Your Feng Shui Altar, as it holds and embodies your intention and calls down the powers of heaven, is a way to direct your daily attention to what you are choosing to create!

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    Our intentions are like seeds, which must be nurtured in order to grow. So I’ve created a FREE Guide for you in which I share the Feng Shui secrets to activating your intentions.

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