Do you:
•    Feel a longing to change or expand the work you are doing?
•    Recognize that some of your relationships are no longer sustainably supportive?
•    Long to create a lasting love relationship that nourishes you?
•    Desire to promote positive change in the world, but don’t have the time or money?
•    See glimpses of up-leveling your life in some way… but can’t quite bring your vision into reality?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be gestating a new creation, a fresh updated version of yourself or your career.  You may even feel a calling to step into leadership in some way.

Many of us are at a reset point in our lives.  We’re in the process of allowing an old identity to fall away because we feel the subtle (or perhaps not-so-subtle) call to bring forth a new version of ourselves.  We’ve been on a spiritual path for awhile and now we feel ready to enjoy:

  • work that feels more aligned with our Soul’s purpose and blesses all
  • loving, intimate relationships that nourish us deeply
  • more abundant financial flow
  • radiant health and vitality

The Dali Lama believes that the world will be saved by western women.  Women who are spiritually awakened and emotionally mature.  Women who are financially abundant and giving their wisdom to the world in powerful ways.  Women whose very lives are legacies that bless all.   I believe YOU are in the process of becoming such a woman.

If you want to bring a new version of yourself into being, you must treat it with the same care that you’d have for a longed-for newborn child.  Expectant parents prepare by:

  1. clearing a space in their home, furnishing it in ways that will help them meet the needs of their newborn
  2. maturing themselves—by taking classes, reading books, and availing themselves of the expertise and wisdom of successful parents

I’ve created the 9-month Embodying Source: Clearing Your Home and Heart to Birth Your Legacy Life program to help ensure the safe and healthy delivery of your new self,  your new life.  A life that lights you up and leaves a legacy for all those for whom you care.

Preparing Your Space for Your Legacy Life:
One of my biz coaches tells her students “You’ll never experience lasting success until your environment is handled.”  What she means is that our homes and workspaces must be de-cluttered, organized and beautified and we must have systems to keep it that way.

The spaces we live and work in are just as alive and intelligent as our favorite spot in nature, but we often treat our interior spaces as if they are dead, empty space to be filled up with evidence of our past.

In order to birth the life we long to live, our environments must be filled with order and beauty, love and laughter.  They must activate and reflect our desired future rather than our past!  When our homes and workspaces are set up to function effectively and feel abundant, these spaces act as our partners in success.

When you experience order, ease and grace in your home, you then experience more of it in your heart.  It then becomes easier for you to create other areas of your life exactly the way you like.

Preparing Yourself for Your Legacy Life:
Question: Are you holding any limiting beliefs that don’t support your expansion?  Answer: We all are!  We all experience both the desire for—and the fear of—expansion.  This dilemma is part of being human.  We long to grow outside of our comfort zone, but our beliefs (which are reinforced by our experience) pull us safely right back into our comfort zone.

How then do we expand toward our goals?  How do we hold higher, more expansive beliefs when evidence supports the limiting beliefs?  We find someone who has created the expansion we desire, and we study with that person.  We learn and receive support during the expansion process… which, by the way, include many “contractions!”

We put ourselves in the company of others who are working on similar goals.  We actively cultivate our own intention, and ask those others to hold that intention with us as we hold their intentions.

If you are gestating a new version of your life, this 9-month Embodying Source: Clearing Your Home and Heart to Birth Your Legacy Life may be just the support you need!  You’ll have both personal support from me, and the support of your sisters who are also birthing their new lives!

You’ll Receive:

  1. TWO 2-HOUR PHONE SESSIONS A MONTH.  We will meet twice a month, on Mondays at 8pm Eastern.  I’ll share a short teaching… and then each of you on the call will receive Personal Clearing and Success Coaching from me and feedback and support from your sisters.
  2. A PRIVATE FORUM FOR INSPIRATION AND ENCOURAGEMENT. We will have a private Facebook group, where I will post material from my courses, and answer your questions, and where you will be able to inspire and support each others.  
  3. ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER.  If you choose, you can partner with another member of the group and be accountability buddies, meeting weekly via call, text or email to support and encourage each other!
  4. 3 PRIVATE SESSIONS WITH ME.  Each trimester, you’ll receive a private 1-hour session with me.  You can decide which of the following you’re MOST in need of, and that’s what you’ll receive:
  • Personal Clearing,
  • Forgiveness, Cutting the Cords to the Past,
  • Success Coaching,
  • Feng Shui, or
  • a Space Clearing update, if we’ve already done a Space Clearing for your home. (Note: a first time Space Clearing for a home takes 2-3 hours, so if you need that, we’ll align on the investment.)

Your Investment for this 9-month program is only $147 amelody-blue-2 month if you pay by check.  If you prefer credit card or paypal, I’ll add a few dollars for the processing fee.  

If this program feels right to you, please email me right away at melody.lebaron@gmail.com to schedule 15 minutes to talk, to ensure its a fit.

Our group is filling quickly!  We begin on April 13th!

With love flowing from my heart and home to yours,
Melody Magdalene