Have you got photos?

Have you got photos?

  • Do you have hundreds (or even thousands) of printed photos in drawers, shelves, or closets scattered throughout your home? 
  • Or maybe you’ve organized them in bins, in expandable folders for each family member—and maybe they are even in chronological order!  But what do you do next?
  • Or have you taken the time to put your photos carefully in albums or boxes, and now… they are sitting there, gathering dust on a shelf?  (That’s me!) 
  • Or has your parent or sibling or loved one died and left you with all their photos or slides to deal with?  (My dad took thousands of slides… and we inherited the job of figuring out what to do with all of them.) 
  • And now that we’re all taking digital photos, what do you do after you download them to your computer?  Do you know how to tag them and make them available to family members and friends who would love them?

Some Professional Organizers would tell you to simply TOSS all those old photos.  But not me. I’m a StoryTeller.  One of my gifts is turning the hearts of the children to the ancestors.  I want to honor and cherish the memories of my life–for myself and my posterity–not toss them!

I’ve got photos!  

bookshelf1.pngI have 5 children, and as they were
growing, I spent thousands of hours working late into the night while they were
sleeping, cutting out the best photos and gluing them into their baby books and
photo albums.  Before scrapbooking was a thing, I was scrapbooking.
But now… those photo albums are dusty and yellowing and my kids are grown and gone.  No one is enjoying those photos or feeling the love and learning they represent.  

Even though my photos are “organized,” they aren’t being honored and cherished as I’d hoped.  And… those photo albums are taking up a LOT of space in our home.

Who you gonna call?

I called an expert I know, love and trust.  My sister Dorothy Tucker and her friend Michele Doyle are Personal Photo Organizers.  Their business: Preserving Your
.  When I asked if they’d do a FREE class for my online community, they said YES.

If you could use their expertise, join us for their FREE, fun, and informative class: 

Got Photos?
Organize and Preserve Your Legacy

Thursday November 5th at 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific  


They will share how you can make the process of organizing and preserving your photos EASY, SIMPLE and FUN.

Register here.  

If you can’t make the class live, you’ll receive the audio link AND the workbook.

I hope to see you there!



P.S. If you long to get your memories out of storage and into the hearts and hands of those you love, click here to register for this class! 

P.P.S. Even if you won’t be able to take action on their suggestions right now, join us and you’ll have a PLAN for PRESERVING your photos

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