How to Deliberately Create Your 2017

The start of each year gives us the opportunity to put our attention on what we choose to create. So I’m sharing our formula for setting and activating our New Year intentions, in hopes that it will help you create your 2017 more deliberately.

Step One: Review and Release 2016
After the holidays, when our home quiets down, my husband and I review the intentions we set a year ago, for the year that’s ended. We celebrate our wins and learn from our misses.

We pay attention to what was easy to accomplish, what was harder—and what didn’t happen. We note our biggest obstacles. We honor our biggest support. Once we’ve reviewed the old year, and mined all the lessons from it, we’re ready to put our attention on the new year.

Step Two: Feel What’s Possible for You in 2017
Individually, we each imagine, or “feel into” what we want to create—in our careers, our finances, our health, our relationship, our communities.

It can take days or weeks for our desires to coalesce and crystalize into a vision of what we want to create. We’re tender with ourselves—and each other—when we’re in that “feral-kitten” stage of coaxing our desires to show themselves, to take form in our imagination. At this stage, I need to talk to my husband or a mastermind partner, to have them hold sacred space as I give voice to my longings and weave words around my desires, to give it form.


Step Three: Weave Your Desires into Written Intentions
When we’re ready, we each list our individual intentions for the coming year. Putting our intentions into writing adds creational power to them. Writing our intentions can be even more powerful when we know the difference between goals, resolutions and intentions—and how to best word our intentions.

How is an intention different than a goal or resolution?
An intention is a bit different than a goal or a resolution.

  • A goal is the purpose toward which your effort is directed, like “I’m going to lose 10 pounds.”
  • A resolution is a firm decree or formal statement, like “I’m going to be a size 8 by spring.”
  • An intention feels more all-encompassing, specific, and powerful than a resolution. An intention is focused on the benefit, to you, in present time, of the specific life-style changes you choose. “In 2017, I enjoy eating well and getting lots of exercise because I love being healthy and strong” is an intention.

I think of an intention as a goal or resolution with forward momentum. Intentions move our attention toward the benefit of what we prefer to create, allowing us to create what we prefer with more ease and grace!

Turning Your Goals or Resolutions into Intentions
If you usually set New Year’s goals or resolutions, you can empower them by turning them into intentions. To do that, ask yourself the following questions for each resolution:

  • What are the specific life-style changes I need to make to achieve my goal?
  • What will I enjoy having, doing, or being when I’ve achieved that goal?
  • How can I phrase that benefit in present time, so instead of creating the feeling of wanting or desiring the benefit, I’m creating the feeling of enjoyment NOW, during the process?

This allows us to access the satisfaction of the benefit we are working toward as we are moving toward it, not just after we’ve achieved the final result.

Step Four: Add Images to Your Written Intentions, to Activate Your Right Brain
ezinejan2017dOur written intentions activate our logical, linear left brain. But we need the holistic creative right brain on board to make creating what we prefer easy and fun.

So find images (photos, magazine images, art, greeting cards) that make you FEEL the JOY of manifesting your intentions. I recommend you put those images and intentions where you’ll see them daily. Here are some ideas:

  • you can tape them on your bathroom mirror
  • you can create a vision board (see my FREE GIFT below)
  • you can add them to your Feng Shui altars (more about this in my next e-zine!)

Step Five: Activate Your Intentions in a Powerful Ritual
Our ancestors who lived by the Celtic Wheel of the Year, knew that the most powerful day of the year to activate intentions is Imbolc, in early February. In my next e-zine, I’ll share more about how to activate your New Year’s intentions with an Imbolc ritual.

Let me know if these tips are supportive for you!

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