Let there be PEACE ON EARTH — and let it begin in my room!

Do you feel PEACEFUL in your home and workspace? Creating an environment that gives you the body-sense of peace is the SINGLE most important thing you can do for your future success!

Why? You have a connection to everything in your environment — and that connection is either raising your stress level or lowering it. Every piece of furniture, every book, every piece of paper. It’s all either contributing to your wellbeing — or NOT. Right now, look around the room you’re in. Do you love it? Yes? Then, it’s creating peace for you! Awesome! Stop reading this article and pat yourself on the back!!

But if you look around your workspace and see stacks of articles to read, papers to file, things to sort, bills to pay — well, you may not be feelin’ the peace! Your cortisol levels may be rising as you think of all the work demanding your attention! And that’s the biggest problem – the more demands on your attention from items in your space, the less attention you have for your work!

And what happens over time if this problem is not solved? My clients tell me they:

  • can’t find what they need when they need it, without a frustrating search
  • feel distracted, like they are spinning their wheels
  • have a hard time focusing their attention
  • get only the urgent, immediate stuff done — and feel guilty about “procrastinating” the important work, the work that would really move their career forward

What I remember from when I was in this situation is that the higher my overwhelm (cortisol level) rose, the lower my self-esteem sank. I felt awful, all the time. If you find yourself in this situation, please take a deep breath (Deeper! Great…. now, another one! Wonderful. Breathing always helps.). What I want you to know is: There is a WAY out of your Mess. I know, because I found the way out of mine and I’ve helped hundreds of clients find their way to PEACE ON EARTH, in their own workspace.

Step #1: Take Ten and Clear The Desk
Take everything off your desk (except your computer, phone, lamp). I mean really. Just clear it off. Put things into piles on the floor according to what you’ll need to do with it next. Now clean the surface and admire it. Schedule time to put the piles into containers (file folders, colored magazine holders, bins) with labels and find a home (drawer, shelf, basket on the floor) for them.

Step #2: Create Your Desk as a Focal Point
In my first Natural Childbirth class, we were taught that birthing is easier when we focus our attention deliberately. I chose a drawing of a mother and child as my Focal Point because it represented the powerful love I felt for my unborn child. During labor, when it got hard, I practiced my deep breathing and deliberately brought my attention back to my focal point. Again, and again. Until she was born–and in my arms–and then, my heart opened in celebration and JOY.

How does childbirth apply to your workspace? Well, most of my clients are in the process of giving birth to new versions of themselves, new versions of their careers. The workspace supporting their birth process needs to be clear, clean, uncluttered, and to contain everything needed to facilitate a healthy birth–including a focal point. So, remove from your desk everything that doesn’t feel like Success.

Now you’re ready for an altar item. What can you put on your desk that would remind you of Your Future Self as the Leader of Your Business? Fresh flowers? An orchid? My altar item is a lovely GoldenFlow hand-blown glass pyramid snow dome, filled with floating 14karat gold flakes. It was a gift from my coach Elizabeth Purvis, and when I look at it, I’m instantly connected to the celebration and JOY I felt during our retreat, and to my vision for my business.

Step #3: Set Your Space Up for Success
At the end of each work day, clear your desk and ready it for the next day’s work. Even if the rest of your workspace isn’t completely organized, a clear desk will help you feel more PEACE and remind you that it’s possible to keep the process of de-cluttering going!

Please let me know how these steps work for you–and stay tuned, as my “Mess to Success” Tele Seminar series is coming in May!

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