“Mother Tree” longing for a Legacy Life?

How to Create a Sacred Space for Your Legacy Life

What is a “Legacy Life?”

Think of someone whose life is a legacy you admire.  Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Jr, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Gandhi, and Wangari Maathai are a few who come to mind for me.

None of them were perfect human beings.  But, in the words of my teacher Jean Raffa, each of them lived not just for “self-preservation” but for “species-preservation.”  Each of them used their time, attention and energy working not just for their own good, but for the common good.

A Legacy Life is one in which you are willing to work for something you believe in, something that will bless your community… or country… or the world.  Is there a problem you feel passionate about, that you want to help solve?  Will you decide to participate in the solution, to take action, to DO something in service to the greater good?

When you decide to live a Legacy Life, magic happens:

  • Doubts disappear as your thoughts and actions align with service to others.
  • Synchronicity brings support that creates a foundation under your ideas.
  • Others see the fruits of your efforts and join you, to create even better results.
  • Financial support flows in to sustain your good works.

But… what if the ways and means to do this aren’t immediately apparent to you?

Simple:  Create an “altar” in your home and dedicate that space to the good work you choose to do in the world.  An altar is a grouping of items that alters, or elevates, your thoughts and feelings.  You can include in your legacy altar a photo, an icon, a statue, a painting, a book.  It can include anything that gives you the body-sense of enjoying the process of living your legacy.  I recommend also including your hand-written intention.

Here’s an example of a legacy altar.  As someone who has midwifed the deaths of 9 of my loved ones, I’m passionate about creating a sacred space for the end of life.  I’ve written a book on this topic that will encourage others to do the same for their dying loved ones, and I’m in the process of publishing it.  Here’s my altar, on a shelf in my home office, consisting of the books I’ve used as reference, a candle and some cards, resting in a handmade bowl, I pull for inspiration when I feel stuck.


Your legacy altar doesn’t have to be fancy.  It just has to mean something to you.  Your altar will remind you of your choice to live a legacy life.  It will direct and focus your attention on your intention.

When you create an altar, you are creating a sacred space in your environment, however small and simple.

And when you transform your outer environment, there will follow a corresponding shift inside you.  As without, so within.  Your beliefs and feelings will begin to align with your intention and if you listen to your inner guidance and take inspired action… and, well, that’s when the magic begins!

SO… What problems are you passionate about solving?  How do you long to be in service to others?

Please let me know.  I’ll add your intentions to my manifestation altar, along with many of your sisters in our Transforming Space, Transforming Self online community.

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