Release Opens The Door For Clarity

TT_post_tues_4_15Birds are made to fly.  Their desire to fly is instinctive, but they do need to be nudged out of the nest.

What are you made for? 

You’ll find your purpose hiding under your desires. 

Let’s say you desire a de-cluttered, organized, lovely home.  How is that desire linked to your life purpose?

The obvious answer is that in a home that functions optimally and is set up to serve you, it’s easier for you to be your best self, to give your best gifts into the world.

But that’s just the obvious answer.  There’s more. 

Here’s the Transforming Truth, the one that I hope will nudge you into action on your Clean Sweep goals:  it’s in the actual PROCESS of releasing everything that doesn’t serve your potential that you actually CLEAR the inner blocks (limiting beliefs) that keep you from fully manifesting your life purpose.

Where do you instinctively want to fly?

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