Resistance Is A Clue

stuck_post_tues_4_17We can’t talk about DESIRE without talking about resistance. 

When we want something, REALLY, really, REALLY want it, often we find ourselves STUCK… in the experience of NOT HAVING it.

And we lose faith.  We feel like we’ve hit a wall.  We can’t keep going toward the goal.  It’s just not gonna happen for us.

That’s resistance.  The good news?  That’s all it is:  just resistance.

And the cure for resistance is to stop resisting.  You are resisting some uncomfortable emotion you don’t want to feel.  What is it?

Once you give yourself permission to actually FEEL the emotions you were resisting: the frustration, the anger, the grief, the hurt, the fear, the despair…  they will move through you, doing their work in you.

Once the emotions have been felt… we often feel empty.  Surrendered, to our great desire and our Hero’s Journey of achieving it.  In that surrendered place, open your eyes and ears and heart; the answers you need will come.

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