Sacred Invitation for You

A current of joy and excitement is running through me as I compose this Sacred Invitation to you.

Are you still longing to make this the year you get your home, workspace and life back on-track?  If your answer is YES, then I would LOVE to support you in making that happen!

If you are like many of my clients, the “public” areas of your home may be lovely, but how about the “private” areas? How do you feel and function in:

  • your home office?
  • your closet?
  • your bathroom?
  • your bedroom?

Are they clear and uncluttered, organized so that you can access what you need, when you need it?

Are there any rooms of your home you feel less-than-wonderful in? If yes, how long have you lived feeling and functioning less than your best? Are you ready and willing for that to change?

I imagine that you already know that the way your home and workspace functions and feels affects the way YOU function and feel.

YES—your environment will either allow you to flourish or cause you to flounder.

If you have been floundering for awhile, or you are floundering now, please ask yourself:

  1. What would I be able to DO if my environment truly supported me?
  2. What would I FEEL like if my home and workspace functioned optimally?
  3. What would I have the energy for, that I don’t have now?
  4. Who would I invite over if I was proud of my lovely home?
  5. How would enjoying a beautiful home change who I am being in the world?
  6. WHEN would I like to have my home de-cluttered, organized and beautified?

If you answered NOW to question 6, how would you like to have the skillful, loving strength and guidance of an expert, guiding you through the process of Re-Organizing YOUR home and workspace?

I want to be your Guide through the transformational process of re-claiming your home, re-organizing your rooms, re-orienting your life. Why do I enjoy this work so much?  Because I know what a powerfully courageous Act of Creation it will be.  And I know, from my own experience, where the pitfalls of discouragement and the cliffs of despair are hiding—and how to avoid them.

I know how big your obstacles can seem—right before they become the fuel for your journey.  It was 34 years ago now, but I can remember it like yesterday: my home and life were a mess. Clutter filled every room (except our dusty un-lived-in formal living and dining rooms).  I started—and ended—each day overwhelmed and discouraged.

And then, a brochure on organizing inspired me to believe that it really was possible for me to create order in my home.  Using principles on how to create systems, I devoted the 45 minutes a day that all the children were napping to the act of de-cluttering and organizing.

Within six months, I had restored order to my home. (Note: If you don’t have 4 small children, your process can go A LOT FASTER than mine, especially with the right help!)

In the decades since, I’ve received training in Professional Organizing, Space and Personal Clearing, Feng Shui, NeuroLinguistic Programming, Yoga, Reiki, Brain Gym, Successions Facilitation. I’ve also studied how our experience of “home” has evolved over time, from indigenous cultures through the history of western civilization.

My life’s passion and purpose is to help women like you transform their lives by transforming their environments.  I can help you transform your home and workspace so that it:

  • Feels fresh and lovely
  • Is organized in the just-right way for you
  • Sets up each room (including your office!) to optimally support the work you’ll be doing in it
  • Puts you in the “easy lane” to achieving your goals and dreams (did you know it is possible for your home to be your Success Partner in this way?)
  • Creates an environment is so spacious and attractive that it joyfully directs your attention to creating the success you desire

This is a client’s home office, before and after:

If you are ready for this kind of transformation, I have a gift for you: a 45 minute Transformation Session & Interview.  During your 45 minute Transformation Session & Interview, we will determine if we are a good fit to work together.

During our session, I will help you see and feel that success is possible, and give you a practical path to get there as quickly as possible.

If you would like to apply for this Transformation Session & Interview, please don’t wait. Email me now, at, with your answers to the following questions.

  1. What are your most important life goals for 2014?
  2. Describe any areas of your home and/or work space that are draining and difficult for you. On a scale of 1—10, how do these rooms feel to you?
  3. What would you PREFER your home and/or workspace to function and feel like?
  4. What are your 3 biggest challenges to getting and keeping your home and/or workspace organized?
  5. What is the #1 obstacle that has kept you from overcoming these challenges?
  6. On a scale of 1—10, how important is it to you to get your space de-cluttered, organized, and fully supporting you?
  7. Are you ready and willing to invest a reasonable about of your time, money, attention and energy to permanently transforming your environment so that it can fully support you going forward?

That's it! Some of my clients report that just answering these questions produces breakthroughs and unprecedented clarity.

You'd be surprised how much faster and easier it is to get your de-cluttering and re-organizing DONE with someone in your corner guiding you, someone who deeply listens and undestands you AND knows the best tools to get fantastic results.

Let's transform your home together, so you can a powerful 2014 and meet your goals!

Let's make it happen!

P.S. Please apply for this Transformation Session.

A private client I worked with in 2013 told me last week, with tears in her eyes, “Melody the work we did last year has changed my life. I am grateful every day to be THIS version of ME, and be living in THIS organized, beautiful home!”

Another private client once thought that her dire situation could never change. She had no energy or money and felt depleted in every way. Within hours of our first session, the Personal Clearing, her energy returned. In the first month after the Space Clearing, over $7K of unexpected income came into their household, some of it from monetizing the clutter!

And, that's the way it works … transforming your home will do more than make you feel better mentally, emotionally and physically; it will up-level ALL aspects of your life!

If you’re feeling a yes, hit reply and answer the questions.

Let’s find a way for you to transform your environment and achieve all you know is possible!

With love flowing from my heart and home to yours,


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