Sacred Space

I believe one of the most powerful actions a woman can take is to create a sanctuary in her own home. 

No matter how small her home is, no matter how many kids and animals live with her, no matter how her partner feels about it, if she will claim a room—or a corner of a room—for her very own, that one action will put her on a path to claiming sovereignty in her life.

How can a woman open the door to that power?

  1. Claim a space in your home that will be a sacred space, just for you
  2. Set it up to serve a purpose that will refuel you (meditation, yoga, dance, reading, writing, art)
  3. Decorate it with colors, textures, furnishings you love
  4. Spend time there, feeling nourished by the space you’ve created
  5. Allow your attention to dwell on your “sanctuary” when you are tempted to notice things about your home or life that aren’t yet ideal

What one thing refules you when your tank is on empty? Tell us in the comments below or share with us on our Transforming Space Transforming Self Facebook page.

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