Many people feel drained, rather than energized, by the spaces they live and work in. If your space lowers your mood and energy level, you may need help

  • De-Cluttering–releasing what no longer serves you
  • Organizing–creating rooms that function to support you

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese form of life-space design which can help you partner with your space to improve the following staging areas of your life:

  • life path, career
  • love relationship
  • relationship with family
  • prosperity, abundance
  • health
  • creativity, relationship with children
  • support received from friends
  • knowledge, self-improvement
  • fame, reputation

Space Clearing

If after De-Cluttering, Organizing, and Feng Shui-ing, your home still doesn’t ‘feel right’ to you, you may need a Space Clearing to release old stagnant metaphysical residue or geopathic stress.

Personal Clearing

We all have aspects of ourselves that need to be released, so that new aspects of ourselves can be born. Old habbits, patterns of fear, shame, and guilt–these parts of us that need to die will not let go until they are loved. They will hang on for dear life, waiting to be acknowledged and honored. A Personal Clearing is a way to love the pain, and let it gently go.

Life Coaching

A coach is a catalyst for positive change, a collaborative partner, a spiritual midwife. A good coach asks the right questions to help you find your deepest truth, your highest choices. Who needs one? Anyone with a goal, a plan, a problem, a roadblock, a dream or a vision.