What is the “9 Star Ki”?

Your 9 Star Ki is the often called ‘the Feng Shui of your birthdate’ or
‘Chinese astrology.’ Like western astrology or the Ennegram, it gives
us a fascinating overview of our personalities, a lens through which we
can see aspects of ourselves more clearly.

There are nine possible numbers (they correspond to the nine gua’s or
areas of the Bagua). Your individual 9 Star Ki consists of three
numbers and is based on the year, month and day you were born.

What does the position of the numbers mean?

The position of each number in your Nine Star Ki is important to
understand. Each position has an archetype, or meaning. It’s easy to
grasp if we compare your life to a car.

  • First number = the model car you chose. (The major gifts you
    took birth to bring the world.)
  • Second number = who is inside, driving the car. This number
    represents how we were as children and who we become under stress.
  • Third number = how you drive. How you show up for others (at
    work and home). How you give your gifts to the world.

Each number represents an element and has a yin or a yang quality.

  • Yang = active, dynamic, ‘masculine’ qualities.
  • Yin = passive, reflective, ‘feminine’ qualities.

Each element has a specific gift for the world and its challenge:

  • The gift of the water element is being. The challenge is fear,
    feeling/staying hurt.
  • The gift of the wood element is doing. The challenge is
    frustration, anger.
  • The gift of the fire element is playing. The challenge is
    anxiety, feeling scattered.
  • The gift of the earth element is relating, nurturing. The
    challenge is depletion (2’s), excess (5’s), or getting stuck (8’s).
  • The gift of the metal element is inspiring. The challenge is
    perfectionism, grief.

How each number manifests in personality:

  1. Yin Water: deep; intuitive; spiritual; good communicators; flexible;
    sensitive; easily hurt.
  2. Yin Earth: the Mother Archetype; nurturing; caring; easily depleted.
  3. Yang Wood: ‘thunder’ wood temper; makes things happen; easily
  4. Yin Wood: makes things happen (one thing at a time); inspiring; determined;
    vulnerable; flexible.
  5. Yin/Yang Earth: has primal life-force energy and charisma; connects with
    others; at the center of things.
  6. Yang Metal: Father Archetype; strong will; perfectionist; artistic;
  7. Yin Metal: caretakers (esp. middle position); perfectionist;
    reflective; sensitive.
  8. Yang Earth: ‘mountain’ Rock-of-Gibraltar quality; takes the hard road;
    can see the long view.
  9. Yang Fire: fun; passionate; joyful; vivacious; colorful; in the
    spotlight; temper can flare.

What would a 9 Star Ki reading do for me?

Your personalized 9 Star Ki Guide will detail your strengths, your
challenges, health recommendations, what you need to do to stay in
balance, and specific feng shui recommendations for your space.

How much does it cost?

I charge $150 an hour for a one hour session.

I want to understand myself better. How do I arrange a 9 Star Ki

To do a 9 Star Ki consultation, I need the names and birthdates of
everyone living in the home, and a floor plan of the space (it can be
hand drawn). After doing research, I will mail or email you a booklet
describing each person, their strengths, weaknesses, dietary
recommendations, and feng shui recommendations.

We will set up a phone consultation to talk about how to create unity
and harmony in the space, between family members, and how to bring each
person into balance.

To get started, click here to email Melody and schedule 9 Star Ki