Righting the Past

If your energy drops when you think or talk about your past, you are loosing energy to it. No, you can’t go back in time and change what happened. But when you have processed the stuck emotions all the way through, when you have released any judgments or tension, and honored all the lessons you’ve learned from it, you are ready to right your past. A great way to do all of the above is to write what happened. The writing process allows you to re-name, re-frame, and re-claim what happened.

I’ve written an inexpensive downloadable book called Transform Your Life, Write Your Life Story. It will guide you through the process of creating a life story by answering questions about your ancestry, parents, birth or adoption, childhood, teen years, schooling, work, dating, marriage, family, beliefs, and values.

This book will help you:

  • name, define, and own your own unique life experience
  • look for patterns in your life and the lives of your family
  • identify the beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions that create your experience
  • release judgments about your experience and beliefs
  • clarify your gifts, personal mission, and highest choices
  • release attachment to your past
  • realize that your joys–and your sorrows–create a deep kinship with all others
  • feel a deeper connection to yourself and to all of life
  • honor yourself and others for all our choices
  • experience the vitality that is possible when we are not defending or protecting
Please email us if you would like to purchase this e-book.