What is a Personal Clearing?

A Personal Clearing is a way to release unwanted mental and emotional patterns.

After their first Personal Clearing, many (including me!) experienced huge, dramatic “miracles” in staging areas of their lives which had been blocked. Others experienced a peaceful, steady increase in their ability to manifest their highest choices.

Each time you do a Personal Clearing session, you take off another ‘layer of information’ that is not the TRUTH of who you really are. Both the person being cleared and the person clearing hold these intentions:

  • We hold a space of love: in the presence of unconditional love, anything other than love can rise to the surface and clear away.
  • We hold a space of non-judgment: we do not make judgments about any information that presents itself to clear.
  • We hold a space of non-attachment: we do not identify with, or define ourselves by, any information that presents itself to clear.

What clears in a Personal Clearing?

  • entity attachments (which can range from other people’s disturbed emotional energy or negative thought patterns all the way to what some call ‘possession’)
  • imbalances and disturbances in the physical body
  • disturbances in the subtle bodies that surround the physical body (etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual, etc.)
  • any negative emotional ‘charge’ that you have toward anyone who has ever hurt you

Is it possible to do a long-distance Personal Clearing?

Of course. Love knows no distance. A long-distance Personal Clearing takes about an hour. I charge $150 an hour. Send me your intentions for the Clearing, and at the appointed time, we’ll connect by phone. You will sit or lie in a comfortable position, giving yourself permission to release all that no longer serves you. I’ll take you through several meditations, including the powerful Forgiveness Meditation. Afterwards, give yourself permission to rest and drink lots of water—and notice the subtle but powerful transformation in your life!

How often do I need a Personal Clearing?

Many, including myself, noticed powerful positive changes from having regular Clearings. You may want to schedule a half hour Clearing every week or month for a period of time. After your life begins to flow with joy, and you are flying on your own, you may only need a clearing when you hit a rough spot.