“Start Where You Are” Clean Sweep: 5 Day Challenge Contest Details

What are you tolerating in your home that’s either driving you nuts or slowly draining your energy?  Thomas Leonard, the father of coaching, believed that the piles of clutter and lack of organization may be affecting you more than you realize.

Every little thing in your life matters.  And when you add up a bunch of little things that are not quite right, they weigh you down and keep you stuck just like an anchor does for a boat.

With just a small investment in time and awareness to notice and clean up what you are tolerating, you will experience an immediate boost in your energy and results. When you pull the anchor up out of the water, the boat can go a LOT faster.

~Thomas Leonard

In just a month or two in the northern hemisphere, spring will arrive.  Spring is a time of new beginnings.  But you won’t be able to completely harness the fresh newness of spring if your home is weighed down with items you neither use nor love, or if your home isn’t organized in a way that works for you.

SO, I created A Clean Sweep training (next Sunday at 8pm Eastern—and it’s FREE) to make your de-cluttering and organizing as EASY as possible!   To register click the image below or visit our home page at http://transformingspace.com for more details.

A Clean Sweep

And to jump start your own clean sweep, and to make the process as FUN as possible, I’ve created a “Start Where You Are” Clean Sweep 5-Day Challenge on our Transforming Space Transforming Self Facebook Page.

5 Day Facebook Contest Details

Each day you will have the opportunity to “Start Where You Are” and release ONE thing you no longer need.  And, yes, I’m going to share in the joy (and challenges) that releasing can bring, so I’ll be participating too.  Each day this week I will be posting a picture of one thing I am releasing, and why I’ve decided to let it go, and what releasing that item is creating space for in my life.

To CELEBRATE all of you who enter the contest, I will be giving away  a one hour Professional Organizing or Feng Shui session, to help you turn your home or workspace into a goal-oriented streamlined, serene sanctuary.  The winner will also receive a combo pack of my two favorite essential oil blends for clients who are organizing:

  • Oola Grow (which increases focus in ways that help you reach your mental, emotional and spiritual potential)
  • Valor (which enhances balance, courage, strength, and self mastery)

So if it is time for you to release the “old” and Clean Sweep your life, then please join the FUN on the Transforming Space Transforming Self Facebook Page for our 5-Day challenge.

And be sure to join us for the FREE Clean Sweep Training on Sunday March 9th when we will be announcing the winner.

Enter the contest at: https://www.facebook.com/TransformingSpaceTransformingSelf/app_451684954848385

OR, just register for the Clean Sweep Training by clicking the link below or visiting our home page at http://transformingspace.com.

 A Clean Sweep

*NOTE: your presence on the call is not required to win the prize.  The winner will be notified if present on the call or via email afterwards.  If you cannot attend the call, you will receive the replay.

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