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“More Happiness and Freedom!”


I moved to New York about a year ago for an incredible career opportunity, but for my first six months I was overwhelmed, anxious, and felt like a failure. I really lacked confidence. I felt unable to focus or get anything done at work and my home life was uncomfortable too. I just couldn’t get organized and enjoy the great gift I had been given. Then I heard about Melody through one of her colleagues.

After working with Melody for 5 weeks through her Creating Success Program, things really began to shift in my life. Her meditations were life changing, my home and my workspace began to transform, my anxiety began to life and my confidence came back. Just reaching out for help with this stuff was huge, but then Melody taught me some incredible tools, spiritual and practical. After the Space Clearing, I started being able to sleep well at night. After the Personal Clearing, the anxiety I’d been feeling dropped away. My home and workspace are now organized, and beautiful. Best of all, in my recent performance appraisal, my boss had really positive feedback and told me how much she wanted to support me! Most importantly Melody helped me to find love and compassion for myself.

I’m looking forward really enjoying my city and my life. It’s been amazing to find more happiness and freedom and I thank Melody for helping me get there!

Erin Oglesby

“Now I feel the energy of this home lifting me up!”

Recently divorced and moving out of my marital home, I was experiencing a lot of fear and mixed emotions. I was excited for the fresh start, but deeply saddened by leaving the home I had built, and concerned about bringing old “baggage” with me. I wanted to make sure that my new home would support me in creating success in this new chapter of my life, both personally and in my business. I’d become painfully aware of patterns that were holding me back in my work and in my personal relationships, and I really wanted to shift them.

Melody has a unique and profound ability to create a safe and supportive space to explore what needs to be released from the past, and create a vision of the future that feels totally attainable. She brought powerful intuition and practical information together to provide me with clear direction about how to create my new home to support me. Working with her was like having a sacred, soft place to land each week as I tapped into deeper levels of healing.

After every session, I felt an increasing sense of hope, empowerment and faith. Moving is one of the most stressful things we can experience, but with Melody’s support, what might have been a traumatic experience (moving, downsizing, etc.) has turned out to be an amazing opportunity and gift. I found peace with the move very quickly, and this helped me focus on the tasks at hand with ease and grace, and without all the unnecessary emotional turmoil.

The work we did together REALLY helped me get through my move, feel totally confident in my choice, and adjust to my new home. After our very first session, I felt a major shift as I was able to release my attachment to the marital home with gratitude and peace. This enabled me to bring my focus to partnering with my new space. She taught me how to set up my home to activate my intentions. And with Melody’s guidance, I was able to experience a deep connection to my new home, and experience it as a fresh blank canvas from which to create the life of my dreams. Now, every time I walk in the door, I can feel the energy of this home lifting me up. I am living in a space filled with endless possibilities.

Michelle Leath, private client

“Clarity and Peace, Able to Move Forward!”

Before the Space Clearing, my son refused to sleep in his bedroom. When Melody dowsed his room, she found dark suicidal energy coming from the apartment upstairs. (The young man who lived in that space was doing drugs.) After Melody cleared the space, we all felt different. I noticed an immediate difference in my son; afterwards he cleared the clutter in his room, organized and decorated it, and started sleeping in there. Once his space was cleared, he claimed it!

After the recent sudden death of my sons’ father, my ex-husband, I noticed that my older son was moody, irritable, and angry at every little thing. We were all arguing, blaming and criticizing each other. I asked Melody to come do some Personal Clearing for us and another Space Clearing for our home. When she started the Space Clearing, she felt my ex — and with loving supportive presence — Melody helped us to connect with him. She supported us to give him (and receive from him) love, respect and forgiveness. Afterwards, we felt a deep sense of love and woke the next day with clarity and peace, able to move forward in our lives.

Archana Patel, client

“Easy and Liberating!”

Before working with Melody, I was feeling overwhelmed by an impending move. My house was in chaos, I had dozens of unsorted spaces and I was feeling devastated by the upcoming loss of my home, my property, my office, and my neighborhood. I felt uprooted and consumed with grief.

Melody is compassionate and empathetic. She has a gift for creating safe spaces in which to grow and move through discomfort. Working with Melody was grounding and deeply supportive. Melody approached our work in a holistic way, not only taking into consideration the dynamics of my relationships with my husband, daughter and business partner — but working with them directly when it served my best interests.

Melody gave me tools to manage my move in a way that felt organized and grounding. More importantly, she helped me to learn how to connect with the energy of my home, something I had never consciously done. We did processes that helped me deal with loss — and made it easy and liberating to release the spaces and objects in my life that no longer served my evolving needs. Lastly, and most importantly, Melody coached me to surrender to the parts of the process that were beyond my control so that I could stop experiencing unpredictable highs and lows based on the events that were unfolding around me.

Amy Sedgwick,

“$7700 in the First Month–and We’re Still Monetizing Our Clutter!”

During the Visioning Session, before she even saw our home, Melody shared ideas on how we could monetize our clutter. And after my Personal Clearing, I felt an immediate shift: I was filled with clarity and energy I hadn’t felt in years. The next morning I woke up early and started clearing that clutter… I worked long and hard, slept well that night and woke early again, with energy to keep going. My husband was shocked, grateful, and relieved — his wife was back!

When Melody came to our home for the VIP Day, she put us at ease and helped us release our judgments. We noticed an immediate difference in how the rooms felt after the Space Clearing. It was like a dark fog had lifted. In the Professional Organizing Consultation, she gave us a step-by-step plan which we are still working from. We now have a plan and the energy to carry it out, AND the ability to laugh and have fun with each other again.

Best of all? In the next month, I created over $2700 by selling my beautiful clothing! Yes, I’m sewing and creating again! And my husband started his own business on Ebay; he started by selling off our clutter… and then he developed his own niche aligned with his skills and interests! He’s brought in over $5000 this month!

Meg Boendier, Create the Success You Deserve Client

“Catalyst for Enlightenment and Change”

Working with Melody LeBaron is proving to be a true catalyst for enlightenment and change in my life. On some level, I have always known that I am here to create beautiful interior spaces. But I was having trouble articulating even to myself why what I do is more than just interior decoration. I’ve invested in programs, courses, seminars, and coaching to help shed light on this area of my life and I have grown as a result of all of them. But I was still stuck.

Doing the Space Clearing with Melody flipped a switch. I noticed an immediate sense of lightness in the house and about 10 days later I experienced an epiphany. All of a sudden, I was able to put words to my mission and purpose! The space clearing removed energetic blocks that were impeding my progress, and I’m noticing a flurry of client interest around me. I am so grateful to Melody.

Ann Franciskovich

“I Enrolled 3 Awesome New Clients!”

My desk was a perfect mess. And I had two gigantic piles — in my living room and my bedroom — of the last few boxes still unsorted from my “dissolution” (that’s what we call “divorce” in Washington State). Melody pointed out to me that the boxes were stacked in sections of my home that represent career, reputation, and abundance. Uh oh.

The piles were slowing down the flow of energy in those areas — not a great thing. And true: I hadn’t enrolled a new client in my private programs for a couple of months.

After following your suggestions, I enrolled three new, awesome clients.

Just a taste of Melody’s work helped me change things around. She was patient, kind, firm and SO generous, walking me through a process that totally honored the deeper meanings held in all my “stuff.”

I got rid of most of the boxes: my bedroom AND my living room are both clear and peaceful, I enrolled three new, awesome clients… and the mess on my desk? I put it away every night.

Client, Katherine Macomber Millman

“Increasing My Revenue by 100%!”

“My home literally VIBRATED WITH ALIVENESS as you finished the space clearing! The air felt fresher, our space was lighter. Even infrequently used rooms were teeming with new energy.

By creating a clearer space for prosperity with your Feng Shui advice, we have been able to take long-dreamed-of vacations this year. My business has grown, increasing my revenue by 100%!

I have no doubt that your processes have made my home and life healthier, more organized, and prosperous.”

Bonnie Salamon
Wisdom Years Coach & Facilitator