Several times a year, Melody teaches her wildly popular Mess to Success Tele Seminars, helping participants to find their Unique Retrieval Strategy, create Sustainable Sytems, and Feng Shui their homes and workspaces for Success!

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But you don’t have to wait until Melody teaches it live… it’s been turned into a home study course, and people are having great results with it!  Here are some of their stories.

Your Program Works Wonders!





We have so little storage and the basement is huge, so we resorted to storing things there. Quickly it  became a mess, and takes a huge effort to clean.  This is most annoying: no matter how often I tidy, it keeps filling up quickly. It takes effort… and often I give up halfway through.

Week 1:
I appreciate how you deliver your knowledge!  This program has helped me to get into the process of clearing stuff in my home, mind and probably even my soul. Ever since I started with this program, I’m more organized and have less adverse feelings toward cleaning and getting things in order and – most importantly – keeping things this way.

Week 2:
I squeezed in two de-cluttering sessions (listening to the audios as I went along, which really motivated me). I have never gotten so much done in such a short time!! That was really amazing). I feel calm and happy in the basement, going through the sorting process. I think your work is wonderful. I feel my energy is better and the space is, too!

After Week 5:
Your program works wonders!  During last five weeks, I didn’t have too much time to devote to de-cluttering, yet the results are amazing!!! I’ve tossed and donated so much, to get rid of the clutter as soon as possible. I got more done in an extremely short period of time than in the last ten years! Now that I know how to create Sustainable Systems I’m looking forward to sorting the remaining papers in the basement!

Silke, Munich

I feel a great load lifted!

After taking your Mess to Success program, I tossed and donated so much!  I feel a great load lifted from my heart and spirit from just cleaning up this room!

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Dawn, MN

I’m actually enjoying doing it!

More than anything your program calmed and reassured me and got me internally motivated to clear clutter. Even better, I don’t feel pressure to totally redo my home, I really like feeling that I can just focus on clearing out my old financial papers, and then make a choice about what to do next from there.

I spent hours shredding papers, and actually really enjoyed doing it, instead of suffering through it. I’ve found it easy to spontaneously say to myself, I have an hour, let me do some shredding. And while I am still in the middle of this, I am really looking forward to how my office will feel with all this paper moved out.

The class helped me accept myself and accept my home the way it is. It took some of the shame and urgency out of the whole thing. I loved learning about my style of accessing information and your ideas on how to think through creating a new space.

Isabel, NM

An Inspiring Course!

Thank you, Melody, for an inspiring course!  As I listened to the audios and read the workbook, things started to change.  I organized our first floor and gave it a much-needed deep clean.  Furniture was moved for better flow; alters were set up to activate our intentions.

The biggest de-cluttering happened in my head!  For years, I’ve felt ready to leave my current job, but unclear how to make that happen.  During this course, the clarity came, which was very empowering.  Now, I’ll be doing what I love, and I’m confident our space will continue to transform.

Amy, NH

On the first night of our fall 2013 course, I announced a contest, with a prize for the participant who made the MOST PROGRESS in de-cluttering and organizing.

Actually, TWO WINNERS: Christina and Dale Wright Lonheim, a husband and wife team that took the course together, and worked together to de-clutter and organize their Prosperity Gua, which is their Dining Room that also functions as a Home Office.

Here is their MESS photo, which Christina labeled “Our Old Story:”

It wasn’t a peaceful, efficient place to work and it was uncomfortable for them to eat here!

This is their Prosperity Gua/Dining Room now, a real SUCCESS:

Can you feel the peace? The wood furniture and bamboo plant activate the Wood Element, and they’ve written their monthly intentions and placed them on the Altar in the corner. There is room to eat at mealtimes, and room to work efficiently.

“Just the Jump Start I needed!”

Before working with Melody, my home and I were stuck–with the accumulations of several generations! Overwhelmed, I tried to get rid of clutter, yet could do no more than pick an item up, look at it, and put it right back where it had been.

“Mess to Success: Workspace” tele seminar series was just the Jump Start I needed! The calls and materials gave me clarity — and not just about what to do with the piles of paper! I actually FELT Melody clearing US during the calls! Between the calls, I was filled with energy as I sorted through my accumulations of clothes, memorabilia and files. My living room and closets never looked this good! My health is better and I feel my life is moving forward!

Now, it’s time for another round of de-cluttering and I’m looking forward to Melody’s “Mess to Success: Home” tele seminar series next month.

Linda Meisel

“A Giant Leap!”

I had the honor of participating in Melody’s Mess to Success: Turn Your Cluttered Office into a Wealthy Goddess Workspace program. Weeks later, I’m still listening to the calls and integrating the invaluable guidance she offered in that multi-week course… and making even more progress in organizing our home.

What I truly love is that Melody is a mom herself and she has compassion for her clients who are a few steps behind her on that path. She understands that life with young kids can’t always be absolutely squeaky-clean but she gave me permission to unburden myself and our home of lots of stuff I thought I had to keep.

Not only do I now have strategies and compelling reasons for relieving our household of a large portion of art projects and school assignments, I also have tools to teach my children how to celebrate their past — while positioning themselves for the future! I’ve taken a giant leap toward creating even more beauty in our home!


“Began Working for Me Immediately!”

Cathy signed up for the Mess to Success tele seminar series because she felt overwhelmed by the clutter in her office and her home. She was so busy caring for the farm and animals that there never seemed to be enough time and energy to de-clutter!

“I hadn’t been able to organize my space for 2 years, ever since moving to the farm,” Cathy reports. “The Mess to Success program began working for me immediately after Melody took us through a process to release our resistance to our clutter. With my resistance gone, it was so much easier for me to work in my space and clear the clutter!”

Cathy Payne