Melody offers private 90 day programs specifically created to integrate and heal the past so you can move powerfully into the life of your dreams!

In order to enjoy sensual, supportive, sustainable relationships, we first have to clear out our old baggage.

  • Are you cloistering as you heal after a loss, determined to integrate the pain of the past so you can manifest the life of your dreams?
  • Are you single — but don’t want to be… and ready to manifest the relationship of your dreams?
  • Are you in a relationship that has lost its spark, and you’re feeling like roommates or sparring partners?

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Below are two of my clients who didn’t have supportive Relationships corners until we worked together. Both were single and didn’t want to be. Each woman had a different problem with her space, and as soon as we got that problem resolved, and they anchored their intentions in the Relationship area, the right kind of men began to show up. Now, Donna and Deb are both in supportive, loving relationships!

“I went from feeling like a victim to feeling completely empowered!”

When I think back to where I was a few months ago, I can’t believe how bad it was. I can’t believe that was me. I was feeling utterly crushed under a huge, dark cloud, unable to pull myself together. I cried every day. I was terrified to be alone in my own home. I couldn’t work through the things going on in my personal life (my parents getting a divorce, my sister’s and father’s drug and alcohol addictions, my daughter’s behavioral issues and my husband’s callousness).

After our Space Clearing and 2 Personal Clearing sessions with Melody, the clouds lifted, and then some. I’ll never forget the euphoria I felt after the first Personal Clearing session. I suddenly saw everything with a brand new set of eyes. Melody taught me how to free myself from the darkness, and I went from feeling like a victim to feeling completely empowered. My burdens were stripped away and I experienced a mental clarity that I hadn’t felt in years. 

My relationships with my daughter and husband improved dramatically! 

I used to dread every day, and now I relish in all that the day brings. It used to be that the few times my husband and I talked to each other during the week were barking matches, and now there is a tenderness and sensitivity that hasn’t existed between us in years. 

I can’t thank Melody enough for all she has given us. It’s a brand new life. A fresh start. I am so grateful.

Activate the Relationship of Your Dreams Client – LR, Connecticut.

“We utilize, daily, what we have learned from our work with Melody. We are so grateful we invested in our relationship!.”

Before doing Melody’s 90 day Relationship Program, we were committed to one another — however, we just didn’t know how to ignite the JOY we knew was possible.

In that first week, shifts began. After each session, we each felt a change in ourselves — and noticed the emotional changes in each other. We gained fluidity accessing our needs and expressing them more directly with each other — and with others, even at work!

Our relationship is now JOYful. And when a crisis occurs, it is just an opportunity to seek solutions, rather than lose control. We feel less pressured by daily obligations, but we’re getting everything done in a timely, completed manner.

This “up-leveling” has been fun to experience. Our home feels settled, inviting and embraces us more completely. We both feel a deep sense of peace and stability in our home.

We utilize, daily, what we have learned from our work with Melody. We are so grateful we invested in our relationship!”

Nancy and Rose, Activate the Relationship of Your Dreams Clients

“The work has nudged me to seeing how my defenses have been not protecting me, but preventing me.”

In the past, my relationships have run from utter disasters/borderline emotional abuse to icky. The best one was with a man who lived in a country he can’t leave easily and my government will not permit me to visit easily. Seemed ideal to me — none of that actual togetherness to burst the bubble!

After Melody’s 90 day Relationship Program, it now occurs to me that I could find someone, maybe just maybe, who could be like one of my many friends. Someone whom I could trust and respect and who would feel likewise about me. The work we’ve done has gotten me to create a thoughtful and joy-filled artifact (okay, you call them altars, but that seems like such a serious term) in every room. Every time I see one, I smile. This has made me a much more cheerful person, and I was pretty happy to begin with, so it’s all good.

The work has nudged me to seeing how my defenses have been not protecting me, but preventing me. Preventing me from daring, from trying, from experiencing another person in my space. Maybe I’ll never find that person, but now, I think maybe I just might. And I realize that such a possibility can be rather intriguing, instead of just plain horrifying. I have zero interest in recreating any of my old relationships, but with this work, now I’m wondering if perhaps I could actually find a person who won’t try to turn me into a cardboard cutout of June Cleaver, or whomever. Hey, anything’s possible! That, plus I signed up for a bike tour from Maine to Key West, so I have an adventure to look forward to, for sure. It’s all good. YES!”

Heidi Mayor
Brentwood, Maryland, Activate the Relationship of Your Dreams Client