Judgement and Desire Cannot Live In The Same Space

April_post2What is your relationship with what you desire?  Are you in a state of joyful expectancy and fulfillment?

If you’re not enjoying your desires, it’s usually because you have some kind of judgement on them. 

Here are some of the judgements I’m familiar with:

• It’s not OK for me to want that.

• That’s too expensive.

• I’ll never be able to…..

• It’ll take me forever to get that done!

• I don’t deserve it.

If any of these judgments come up for you when you ponder your desires, you need to become more like a little child.  A baby doesn’t spin into mental judgments when she wants something.  She just wants it!  She allows herself to have the feeling of DESIRE! 

Have you ever watched a baby determined to master a new skill?  Maybe she wanted to sit, to crawl, to walk, or to pull herself up to the window so she can look out at the world. 

Her DESIRE is the very energy that fueled her action!

In how many ways can you be more like that baby?  If you want a de-cluttered, organized home, are you willing to keep trying, to keep falling down and getting back up again?  Are you willing to ask for any support you need so that you can master the new skills that will give you your goal?

Connecting The Dots: The Relationship Between Clutter and Emotion

itsnotthestuff_postIt’s more than just “the stuff” that’s the problem

If you have physical clutter in your home, you’ve probably experienced what I call “mental clutter.”  You’re so distracted by the piles, especially when you can’t find what you need, that it’s harder to focus and get things done.  


You may also have what I call “emotional clutter.”  You might feel shame, sadness, or depression because the rooms you live in don’t reflect your ideal.  These emotions sometimes correspond to negative emotions you felt during childhood.    


Here’s the truth:  physical, mental, and emotional clutter go together.  


And, their relationship may not be what you think.  Most people assume that they feel the shame and hold the limiting beliefs BECAUSE of the clutter.  But, it’s more complex than that.  


As Within, So Without

You see, the reverse is also true:  we have clutter because we’re holding onto limiting beliefs and negative emotions.  


In ADDITION to CAUSING mental and emotional “clutter,” the physical clutter is a mirror for that inner stuff we’re holding onto that isn’t serving us.  It’s a white flag waving, calling our attention to something that needs to be integrated and healed within.


What if the Clutter is Serving You, Somehow?

What if the clutter in your home is like a cold, trying to alert you, to motivate you to better self care?  


Experience teaches us that if we push our bodies too hard, ignoring it’s cries for help, the physical symptoms will intensify and become more serious. 


Perhaps the clutter in your home is trying to get your attention in a similar way.  


In my experience, it’s WAY harder to get rid of the physical clutter until you become aware that it’s trying to serve a powerful purpose for you.


My clients who are ready and willing to look squarely at this cause/effect and effect/cause between inner and outer clutter ALWAYS get their de-cluttering done faster, with more ease and grace.


What might your clutter be trying to get you to see? Tell us in the comment below or share your thoughts with us on our Transforming Space Transforming Self Facebook Page.


Is Your Overwhelm In Overdrive?


Neurological Overwhelm is a term that my Successions Coach Michael Scimeca uses to describe the condition in which the sensory input in our environment exceeds our ability to process it. 

If you live in a cluttered home, your environment may be keeping you in neurological overwhelm, in a state of hyper-alert.  Could the current condition of your home actually be creating subliminal anxiety and stress for you? 

If yes, then you may want to make de-cluttering and organizing a priority!  Start today, by choosing one small area of your home that bothers you, and clean and tidy it up as much of the area as possible in an hour.  Then, each time you are in that room, deliberately bring your attention to the area that you worked on.  Celebrate how well it now functions and feels.  Celebrate how much better you now function and feel in that area!

If you'd like support in de-cluttering your home then I invite you to join us for our Mess To Success course that starts March 24th.  Together we'll move through the overwhelm of the mental and physical clutter that is keeping you from success.  You can review the program details here >>> http://www.transformingspace.com/messtosuccess