How to Activate your 2018 Intentions

A new year gives us all a bright new beginning. As most of us know, setting intentions is a much more powerful way to start the new year than making a list of New Year’s resolutions. An intention is a bit different than a goal or a resolution.

  • A goal is the purpose toward which your effort is directed, like “I’m going to lose 10 pounds.”
  • A resolution is a firm decree or formal statement, like “I’m going to be a size 8 in 6 months.”
  • An intention feels more all-encompassing, specific, and powerful than a resolution. An intention is focused on the benefit to you—in present time—of the specific life-style changes you choose. “I enjoy eating well, running, and hiking because I love being healthy, slim, and strong” is an intention.

An intention is a goal with forward momentum. Intentions move our attention toward the benefit of what we prefer to create, allowing us to create what we prefer with more ease and grace!

What is the best way to set your 2018 intentions?

  1. Start by imagining or “feeling into” what you desire to create—in your career, your finances, your health, your projects, and your relationships (you may want to include your relationship with the Divine, as well as your relationships with your beloved, your siblings, children, friends, and spiritual community).
  2. Write an intention for each important staging area of your life.
  3. Allow your home to become your partner to achieve the benefit of your intentions. How? With Feng Shui.

Click HERE for my guide to using Feng Shui activate your intentions in your home. There are 2 methods you can use: a simple easy one and a more comprehensive one. Both will get you great results!

“My home feels so much better to me!”

 I’d struggled for years with inadequate income and clutter. So I hired Melody do a Space Clearing and Professional Organizing/Feng Shui consultation.  When she left, my home felt so much more open, and alive!

Afterwards, I felt motivated to begin the decluttering process, and just a week later, I received a new contract for work that lasted for five weeks, and really paid well.

Additionally, the property manager where I live decided to inspect all the units—which provided the perfect incentive to continue the cleaning and decluttering I had begun with Melody.  The interesting thing is that the property manager and I kept setting appointments for her to come out, and then something would come up and one of us would have to reschedule.  But each proposed appointment would inspire a new burst of cleaning and decluttering.

Almost three months went by, with set and cancelled appointments, which meant I kept cleaning and decluttering.  The final result is that I now have a heightened awareness of my surroundings, and have created the habit of cleaning and decluttering on a regular basis.

— Linda, Atlanta