In A Relationship: You + Your Home

You + Your Home

hands-2In our culture, we tend to use the word “relationship” to denote the experience of relating to another person or group. But we all have a relationship with our home. When we think of the home in which we live, we each have our own unique experience of relating to that space.

Our experience of our home is either healthy and uplifting, raising our mood and energy level. Or not.

Your + Your Home = Sustainable Relationship

We start creating a sustainable relationship with our home with curiosity and willingness… to learn how we are affected by our homes and they are affected by us.

To have a sustainable relationship with our home, we must partner effectively with it. We must appreciate and value it, become more sensitive and aware of it. Utilize and maximize its strengths, and eliminate or minimize its weaknesses.

When we work with our space, creating order and beauty, we are setting up a sustainable relationship that allows our space to work for us. A space that works for us is a powerful resource, a partner, that allows us to live our best lives, doing what we were born to do.

Stay tuned. Each week in June, I’ll be sharing strategies to create Sustainable Relationships with your home.