Taking Your Business to the Next Level in 2012?

After celebrating how far you’ve come this year, your next step is deciding how you want to grow your business for the coming year:

  1. Do you want to increase the number of times you work with clients next year?
  2. Do you want to up-level the value of the work you do with your clients, and thus your income?
  3. Do you want to expand the circle of those you are marketing your work to?

If you are interested in growing in all or any of these ways, you need an improved “container” for the growth.  What do I mean by “container”? In order to grow your business, there are three containers that must be attended to and aligned with each other:

  1. your consciousness (your beliefs and feelings)
  2. your office, the physical space that contains your work
  3. your relationships with your current and prospective clients

Each of these 3 effects the other 2, but your physical office space is usually the easiest way to up-level the other 2. Your beliefs and feelings about your business are reflected in your space, and reinforced by it. And even if your clients never see your office, their relationship with you is affected by how your office is affecting you.

So, here’s how to spend your time and energy MOST EFFECTIVELY if you want to grow your Business in 2012

  • Prioritize Purging. Schedule the time to edit out EVERYTHING that no longer serves you. If a book, or file, or item reflects your past but can’t be used to move your work forward, it’s clutter and out it goes! (OK, keep a minimal number of items that celebrate the past, but the rest needs to go!)

Why is this important? If we want something new in our experience, we first have to create the SPACE for it! That feeling of spaciousness in your physical environment will help you release impeding beliefs, habits and emotions (and it can help you shed unwanted pounds!). Your office must be de-cluttered in order for you to move your work to your next level.

  • Organize for Success. After clearing clutter, look at your workspace with new eyes. Envision how you want to grow your business. What are the tasks you’ll need to do this year in order to create that growth?  Writing copy? Connecting by phone or online? Your desk is your Command Center. Decide how to organize your workspace in a way that prioritizes your priorities.

How? By giving your prime real estate (the space you can reach from your office chair) to the containers (file folders, notebooks, bins) that hold priority tasks.

  • Anchor your Intentions. Superimpose the Feng Shui bagua (here is my Business Bagua, as my gift to you!) over the room you work in; get to know which areas of your work space correspond to which areas of your business.  Your workspace wants to partner with you, so write down a list of intentions for your business for 2012, and a list of tasks to compete in the month of January, and place those in the Abundance corner.

When is the best time to do this? There is never a bad time to honor your space and request its help, but the best way is to clear the clutter first, then organize, and then do a ritual to partner with your space. Light a candle with gratitude, allow yourself to envision your intentions creating, and place your list (along with an image–a photo, or statue, or vision board) in the Abundance area. I do this, in my home and my office, on the New Moon each month.

Just like caring for our physical bodies is an on-going process, so is caring for the physical container of our business, our work space. It’s never going to be “done.” And it’s a process that we can either endure or enjoy.  So…

I recommend we enjoy the process!  If your workspace isn’t as you wish it was, know that’s a sign you’re growing–and release your judgment. If you don’t care for the colors and furnishings, but you don’t have the time or money to change that right now, include that on your list of intentions for 2012. Do all you can, when you can, knowing that even 15 minutes of de-cluttering and organizing twice a week will make a difference over a year’s time!

The most important part of this process is to realize that your work space is alive, intelligent, and wants to partner with you to make 2012 a year of growth and abundance for your business!

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