The Fuel of Desire

April_post1It’s springtime and budding life-force will not be denied as it bursts old limits to bring forth its beauty.

What beauty do you long to bring forth?  What are your desires?  Spring is the best time of year to allow our DESIRES to actually fuel us. 

How do we use our DESIRES to fuel our lives?  Here’s the 5 Step Process:


1.    Ponder what you long to create in your life. 

2.    Ask yourself: Why do I want that?

3.    Then ask: Why do I want THAT?

4.    Keep asking: And WHY do I want THAT?

Ahhh… now you’ll have some clarity on what it is you REALLY want to FEEL.  And now you can ask yourself the Power Question:

5.    In how many ways can I feel that way RIGHT NOW?

Stay tuned to my blog posts… I’ll be exploring how we can harness the energy of our desires all month.

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