Turning Your Home into Your Power Place, Part 1

Do you ever feel depleted, overwhelmed, or in need of inspiration? Much of what we need at times like this can be found in nature.  The indigenous believe that each of us has a Power Place in nature, a place where we feel our best, our strongest, our most powerful.

Every part of our planet has healing gifts for us, gifts that help us connect with the power inside ourselves.


Gift of the Oceans: cleansing, peace, renewal, power, majesty, diversity                          

Gift of the Waterfalls, Rivers:  they remind us to be clear, clean, and current, and inspire us to flow around obstacles

Gifts of the Streams, Creeks: they may be small, but are life-giving

GIfts of the Lakes and Wetlands: they purify, and serve a diverse community

Gifts of the Tundra (frozen prairie): they hold rich inner resources, they are wild and free

Gifts of the RainForest: bountiful, healing, they have Grandmother power, they are the lungs of our planet

Gifts of the Mountains: majestic, stable, commanding, powerful, perspective: allow us to “take the long view”

Gifts of the Forest:  healing, alive, singing with insects, frogs, birds

Gifts of the Meadows:  bursting with chi, blooming with crops, flowers and medicinal plants (“weeds”)

Gifts of the Prairies: open, vast

Gifts of the Savannah:  wild, instinctual, open, free

Gifts of the Deserts:  harsh, extreme, rugged

Perhaps when you need a certain kind of inner healing, you long for the ocean.  When you need another kind of respite, you might long for the mountains, or the woods, the prairie or the desert.  If you ponder the place you most long to go on vacation, you’ll probably realize that it’s your Power Place. 

Turning Your Home into Your Power Place

Does your home function as your Power Place? Is your home a place in which you feel and function your best, in which you feel personally powerful?

It’s my passion and purpose to help my clients transform the space they live in, because when they do, their entire lives will transform!  One of the ways I do that is to help them turn their homes into a Power Place.

Here are some ways to transform your own home into your Power Place:

  1. Look over the list above and identify which of Nature’s Gifts you most need at this time. 
  2. Ask yourself how you can bring evidence of those gifts of nature into your home.
    (If you long for the cleansing and renewal of the ocean, add shells, sea glass, and images of the ocean to your decor.  If you long for the stable perspective of the mountains, display crystals, rocks, and mountain landscapes in your home.)
  3. You may want to create a Nature Altar on a table or counter you see daily.  (An Altar is any grouping of items that alters your mood and energy level. An Altar inspires you because it brings your attention to whatever you want to activate in your life!)
  4. Or you may want to integrate your items from nature in your Feng Shui Altars throughout your home.
  5. And don’t forget to receive the gifts of the land you live on!

Experience the Land you live on holding you

Ancient peoples knew that their safety relied on their intimate connection to, and their alignment with, the land they lived on. They experienced their relationship with nature as a
sacred relationship with a wise guardian elder whom they both revered and loved.



They both protected and nourished the land and allowed themselves to be protected and nourished by it. They never made decisions that would harm nature, or their relationship with the land. They co-created their future WITH the land. 

Do you feel protected and nourished by the land you live on?  AND… do you actively protect and nourish it?

Receiving the Gifts of the Land You Live On

In addition to the vital life-force, or chi, that Mother Earth has to give all of us, each piece of land offers its own unique gifts.  Some neighborhoods have rolling hills, some have
streams or creeks, some are heavily wooded, some have long, lovely views. 

What are the gifts of the land you live on?  When you really connect with these gifts, what do they do for you?


Stay tuned for more on turning your home into your Power Place in my next article!

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