Want to lose weight or improve your health?

Are you trying to lose weight or improve your health? Did you know your home can help you achieve your goals? Let me introduce you to Gua 5 from the Feng Shui Bagua, the center of your home. It represents Health and Unity. It’s JOB is to support you so that this is true for you:
I embody vibrant good health.
I radiate energy and vitality.
I feel centered, grounded, and “on my right path” in life.
My life demonstrates unity of body/mind/spirit, and unity in all my relationships.


To do it’s job, it needs to be activated. How? 
When we look at the  Feng Shui Bagua, we see that the center of our homes represents Health  and Unity. Health and Unity of body/mind/spirit…and Health and Unity in our relationships.
Here are 5 ideas to support this 5 Gua (area of the Bagua), so that it can support your health and unity:

  1. Make sure the center of your home, and the center of each room, is clear and uncluttered. Clutter in the center of your space will adversely affect your health and relationships.
  2. Use the earth element to activate the 5 Health/Unity Gua:
    • use gold, yellow, and earth tones
    • use squares, or horizontal rectangles (a plush sofa is perfect)
    • accessorize with landscapes or photos of your favorite nature scenes
    • add a healthy plant, anything clay or ceramic, a bowl of fresh fruit
    • place shells, rocks, crystals, anything from Mother Earth
  3. Decorate with a balance of yin (soft items) and yang (hard items).
  4. The center of your home is a great place for a seasonal altar that connects you to the natural rythms of Mother Earth.
  5. You can write or print out your health goals and post them in this area of your home. I print our goals out, decorate it with a few images or words cut out of magazines, slide it into a plastic sleeve, and post it inside a door in the  center of our home. Our goals are not on public display–but we see them whenever we open the pantry door!

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