What are you birthing?


This week we celebrate Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere, the time when nature is reborn. It’s the season when we feel the subtle call to bring forth what is new in us.

Many of us are on a spiritual path, yet the roles we’re playing in our careers or relationships may feel unaligned with our Soul’s purpose. Or maybe your work and relationships used to feel aligned with your Soul’s purpose– until your last growth spurt… and now something feels dated, old, or just “off.”

Do you:

  • Feel a longing to change or expand the work you are doing?
  • See glimpses of up-leveling your work or your life in some way… but can’t quite bring your vision into reality?
  • Recognize that some of your relationships are no longer sustainably supportive?
  • Feel ready to bring a new, higher resonance into your work or life, but you’re not sure how?

wombIf you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be gestating a new creation, a fresh updated version of yourself or your career.

And if you want to bring your vision into actual reality, you must treat it with the same respect and care that you’d have for a newborn child.

There are 2 steps I use when I’m birthing a new version of myself or my work:

  1. TRANSFORM MY SPACE: I create a sacred space for my vision somewhere in my home. Just like a woman in the last trimester of pregnancy instinctively begins to “nest,” I create a womb-like area in my home that welcomes the “new me.” When I was manifesting my relationship with my now-husband, I completely redecorated my bedroom (which was in the Love area of my home) and transformed it into a nurturing sensual haven. When I’m manifesting a new vision for my work, I edit the books and items in my workspace and create a new altar that activates my intentions. I actively create an environment that vibrates at the resonance I chose to enjoy.
  2. TRANSFORM MYSELF: I clear any old limiting beliefs that don’t support my expansion. I ask for and receive support from my coaches, mentors, friends, colleagues, and from my spiritual support team (my guardian angel, spirit guides, and my loved ones who’ve already graduated from this life). I actively cultivate within myself the resonance of the vision I chose to embody and enjoy, and I ask others to hold that intention with me.

If there is something that you are longing to birth in your life, a new version of yourself that you chose to embody, or some new work that you’d enjoy doing, I would love to hold that intention with you. Just hit reply to this page and I’ll put your name and intention on my manifestation altar, along with my own.

Remember to be tender and loving to yourself in the process of gestating and bringing forth the new you!  And if you would like to give yourself the support of a spiritual midwife/coach and loving sisters, consider joining our 9-month gestation for women, Embodying Source: Clearing Your Home and Heart to Birth Your Legacy Life.


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