What’s Your Unique Retrival Strategy?

We each have a Learning Strategy, how we best learn information. Take a look at the different types of learning strategies below and see what best fits how you learn.

Learning Strategies

  • If we are visual: we need to see the information we’re trying to learn
  • If we are auditory: we learn best by hearing the information we’re trying to learn
  • If we are kinesthetic: we learn best when we are moving our body in a way that helps us learn

My Learning Strategy is visual, which made school very easy for me. Our US school system is set up for visual and auditory learners. I don’t have a photographic memory, but all I had to do was read the information a few times and I knew it.

What about you? What is your Learning Strategy?


  • Were you the kid who had a photographic memory, or, like me, could you read the information a few times and have a good feel for it?
  • When you have to memorize a script, do you read it silently several times and just have it?


  • Or did you learn best at school when you could hear the information repeated a few times?
  • If you are an auditory learner and you have to memorize a script, you’ll need to read it aloud and hear yourself saying it over and over in order to memorize it.


  • Or were you like my son Logan, who didn’t really “get” anything until his body was moving? The alphabet was hieroglyphics to him until he could trace sandpaper letters and FEEL it in his body!

If you are a kinesthetic learner, you will need to involve your body in your learning experience. If you have to memorize a script, it will be easiest if you type it out and then practice it with movements/choreography.


I believe we each have a Unique Retrieval Strategy, how we best remember where we have stored something. When we are trying to remember where we’ve put something,

If we are visual: we “see” the item in our minds eye

If we are auditory: we “hear” what was said (by us or others) when we stored the item. It’s also possible to “hear” the music you were playing at the time.

If we are kinesthetic: we have a body-sense of the physical position our body was in when we stored it (reaching up onto the shelf, kneeling and opening the bottom file drawer, etc.)

Tell us in the comments below what your unique retrival strategy is.  How do you remember things?  You can also join the conversation on our Transforming Space Transforming Self Facebook Page.

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Unique Retrival Strategy?

  1. I was tested 20 years ago and tested kinesthetic. I learned I could learn difficult things by writing them out over and over…it didn’t have to be on a new line but just over and over. Then I knew it but didn’t know how. I just had to relax and trust that it would come. I need things to be out where I can see them or I forget they exist. So clearing my clutter is difficult. I have just learned that I have ADD too. Nice to know at 70.

    • I know I can help you find ways to get and keep yourself organized. You need different cues and strategies than most others, but I can help you do it! Please join us on the Clean Sweep Call tonight!