Why a Serene Bedroom is Important

I believe that our bedrooms can offer us the same healing benefits that a fully relaxing spa vacation offers.

Taking a relaxing vacation is like pressing the “reset” button on your life. You take your attention off of the demands of work and daily life, and you go somewhere you love (the mountains, the beach, your favorite city) and you read and relax, you rejuvenate, you might even rev up the romance in your relationship. A relaxing vacation leaves you deeply connected to yourself, to your loved ones, to your values, to Life.

And when you return to your life, you feel restored, renewed. It’s easier to come up with fresh, fun, creative ideas. It’s easier to be your best self, to live from your heart, to really connect with others.

So, how would you like your bedroom to serve the purpose of restoring, renewing, revitalizing you? When I help create a serene bedroom for a client, I know the experience s/he’ll have in that deliberately-created sanctuary will change every aspect of their lives.

When you devote the time and money to create a serene sanctuary in your bedroom, that space will then always subliminally remind you that:
You. Are. A. Priority.

Your needs and preferences matter.

You can set boundaries, goals and intentions.

Your desires can be fulfilled.

Your success is inevitable.

Your bedroom will serve your success in the same way that your favorite relaxing vacation does IF:

1. Your bedroom makes you feel at-choice. You feel “at choice” when you’ve chosen the furniture, the colors, and the accessories in your bedroom the same way that you chose your last favorite vacation spot: according to what would Make You Happy. Feeling “at choice” about your bedroom provides a great antidote to all those things in our life we don’t feel “at choice” about.


2. Your bedroom is attractive to you. If you share the bedroom with your Beloved, it’s attractive to both of you. Before I met my beloved husband Ed, I decided I was complete with the experience of being in relationships that weren’t right for me… AND the experience of being single. I feng shui-ed my bedroom for relationship, including painting it a light peach color (like the room above) and having a bed linens and window treatments made in my favorite colors. A month after we were married, I was reading in bed one night when Ed walked into the room. I felt his energy drop, and asked him why. He didn’t know. I asked him if he liked the colors in the bedroom, and he tactfully replied that he knew I loved the colors, and had spent a lot of money getting the room just the way I loved it. That was the first of many conversations that led to us finding the colors, fabrics and furnishings we BOTH love, and filling our home with those.


3. Your bedroom is comfortable and relaxing. You know… like a spa. It’s vital that you feel safe and comfortable in your bedroom. Otherwise, you won’t sleep well. And if you don’t sleep well, you won’t do anything well. Period. So, clear the clutter from your bedroom. Get the most comfortable mattress you can afford. Splurge on high-quality pillows, bedsheets, and comforter. I recommend wood or upholstered headboards, as they are more comfortable to lean against than metal or rattan. If you sleep with your beloved (or you long to sleep with a beloved), ensure that the two nightstands are of equal height and volume, and have similar lamps on either side of the bed. Ensure that each person has at least 3’ of space on the sides of the bed, to get in and out without feeling cramped. Be sure you have room-darkening window treatments to ensure the room is quiet and dark when you need it to be.


4. Your “first view” makes you feel calm, peaceful, happy, serene. Your bedroom is the first thing you see in the morning when you wake. Whatever is near the foot of the bed is very important; in Feng Shui, it’s called the “first view.” Does your first view make you feel calm, peaceful and serene? The bedroom below belongs to a couple who lacked storage space in their bedroom. The tiny closet wasn’t adequate and their clothes and shoes, books and videos spilled all over the room. It was anything but peaceful. So they had 2 closets, a dresser and a TV installed along one wall, covered with frosted glass doors. Now, instead of seeing all their STUFF, they see serenity.


A few years ago, my husband Ed and I redid our bedroom. Our goal: serenity.

We started by choosing bedroom furniture we both loved. When it was delivered, we realized the dark wood furniture was not enhanced by the olive green walls. We found a light gold color that reminds us of the first rays of sunlight at dawn. We painted the walls, delighted at how the gold glow sets off the dark mahogany.

Then it was time to re-hang our photos and artwork. We agreed that since our goal was serenity, we’d prioritize each item and bring them into the room one at a time, so we could feel when “enough” turned into “too much” for either of us.

We both agreed that our favorite painting would go over the dresser, as our first view. We arranged a jewelry box, orchids, and a sculpture our kids gave us on the dresser. Lovely, and serene. Then, we arranged lamps and a few items on the night stands. Lovely, and serene.

But when we brought in the wedding photo, and held it up to the wall, we both agreed — too much. So, we hung the wedding photo in the hallway, just outside our bedroom door. And the other items that used to hang on the walls? We re-gifted them. We’d rather enjoy the serenity of “just enough” than the busy-ness of “too much.”

If I’ve inspired you to start de-cluttering your bedroom, and you need help staying motivated, I’ve got a gift for you: a $100 Serenity Savings on my Mess to Success Home Study Program below, good ONLY through July 31st!

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