Your Home is Alive!

Many clients are surprised when I tell them that their home is alive.  That idea feels weird to most westerners.  But to those from eastern cultures, and to native peoples all over the world, that belief supports–and is supported by–an awarenss that all of Nature is alive and intelligent–and wants to partner with us.

If I held up my hand in any western class, fingers outstretched, and asked “How many items do you see?” what do you think the response would be?

Right!  5 fingers or 1 hand.

But if I held up that same outstretched hand in any eastern class and asked “How many items do you see?” the answer would be 9 items.

5 fingers–and the 4 spaces between them.

You see, other cultures have been trained from birth to recognize what our scientists are now discovering: Space is Alive.  And Space is Intelligent.  And, with that belief, they are able to see and experience the spaces between items in a way we westerns haven’t.

If you are having trouble with these ideas, that’s understandable.  Western culture uses dominator language to express relationship with space/nature.  We have a one-up/one-down relationship with space: we assume that as intelligent humans, our role is to dominate, to be stewards over the land.

Consider how that paradigm will produce a different experience that the following beliefs:

  • Nature is Alive
  • Nature is Intelligent
  • Nature wants to Partner with Us
  • Space is Alive
  • Space is Intelligent
  • Space wants to Partner with Us
  • Every form of Life has its gift to give
  • The elements that make up our bodies also make up the bodies of our homes–there is Intelligence singing through everything created: human, plant, animal, nature, man-made
  • Everything created (even those things created by man) wants to fulfill the measure of its creation
  • Each Home we’ve lived in has had an effect on us
  • we’ve had an effect on each Home we’ve lived in
  • the Home we now live in has unique gifts to give us (and challenges to offer us)

Your Home wants to fulfill the measure of its creation: it offers more than shelter, it wants to support you to live your best life

You may own the land you live on and the home you live in.  But I’m going to ask you to go beyond the “I own” belief and try on some new ones.

Say the following out loud, and really feel what happens inside you as you do:

  • “I partner with this Land and this Home.”
  • “This Land and this Home want to shelter and support me.”
  • “This Land and this Home have gifts and opportunities to give me”
  • “This Land and this Home may also have opportunities for me in the form of challenges.”
  • “By treating my Home as intelligent, I may improve my experience with it.”
  • “When I honor the Land I live on and the Home I live in by connecting with them, flowing appreciation to them, by treating them as Partners, my feeling of being supported by them will increase.”

Note how that exercise felt to you–and please share that with me.  I remember how skeptical I felt when I first heard these ideas, so you won’t offend me if they still feel weird to you.  I just ask that you allow yourself to experiement with them, to discover if they have a positive effect on your partnership with your space.

3 thoughts on “Your Home is Alive!

  1. Hi Melody:

    Thank you so much for coming into my life at just the right time! I am currently reading “Creating a Business that Work for You”, and it’s awesome. I heard about you from the Holistic Organizers group on LinkedIn. Your words are inspiring and a great way to think about creating my business and my life to empower myself and share with others.

    Thanks again!

  2. You are welcome, Jenn! Look for my e-zine next week with even more tips on how to grow your business!

  3. Melody,
    In the class Sunday afternoon at OWSC, I thought I only had a small clutter problem on my kitchen counter. I realize now that I have lived in my home for 35 years and most of the closets, cabinets, storage rooms, etc. are in great need of de-cluttering. AHHHH! Also, I really enjoyed your class; you offered us so much. Now I need to be motivated. Thanks, Gay Crawford