Your Workplace = Sacred Space

Have you ever wondered why you feel tired and drained in some environments and energized in others? My clients often ask me: “Why do I feel so drained when I walk into my office? Why do I have such a hard time deciding what do with my clutter?”

Well, we all have a connection to everything in our space. Every piece of furniture. Every piece of paper.

When we look at it or think about it, we connect our attention to it. And that connection is either raising our mood and energy level (“I just love the artwork my son created for me!”) or lowering our mood and energy level (“Oh, no! I forgot to mail that letter! Oh–that credenza is so stuffed, I can’t fit another thing in there. I really need to clear that old stuff out, but I have no time. Where can I put this file so I don’t forget it?”).

Pretend with me that we each wake up with 1000 units of attention every morning, to spend on anything we wish.

If you walk into your clear, clean, organized, lovely office, you can use those attention units to get your work done (not just the projects due by Friday, but the BIG ones, the ones that will really move your career forward).

But what if you walk into your office and you see piles of papers, overdue bills, books you meant to read, reminders of unfinished projects? Right — you’ve spent those 1000 units of attention before you even sit down at your desk! No wonder you feel so unfocused!

You might have lived with clutter so long you don’t even recognize it’s there, draining you. It might be hidden in your drawers, files, closets. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t affecting you. It’s clogging the space you work in, like plaque clogs arteries.

  • How would you like to walk into your work space and experience feeling peaceful, positive and powerful?
  • How would you like to feel in command of your environment, and your work?
  • How would you like to feel that the very room where you work is a sacred space, a space that is literally partnering with you to help you become the Leader you are meant to be?

I want you to feel that way, too! I’ve worked with hundreds of clients to permanently declutter, organize, and feng shui their space — I’ve coached them from the level of incompetence to Genius and celebrated every minute of their successes!

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