Welcome to the Transforming Space, Transforming Self community.

It’s my joy to support you in creating a home and workspace that nurtures your success.

Here’s an interesting truth about transforming your environment and transforming yourself:  you can’t do one without the other happening.  If you transform your environment by de-cluttering, organizing or Feng Shui-ing, the very act of creating your ideal sacred space will transform you.  If you start by transforming yourself, clearing out old beliefs and identities and allowing the newer, greater version-of-you to come forth, you’ll soon realize that your environment needs to be transformed as well, to catch up to you! 

The first step of transformation is to start where you are.  To assess how well your environment is currently serving you, download and print my “How Clutter Affects Your Home and Life” assessment and do a walkabout, starting at your front door.  Note any hidden or visible clutter, and how it is affecting your life.  You’ll receive this assessment when you use the steps below to access our FREE audio training, A Clean Sweep.

The next step is to envision where you want to be, and to keep your attention on that goal, and your actions aligned with it.   For support with this, I invite you to explore my FREE gift to you. A Clean Sweep: 5 Ways To Partner You Home and Life Purpose.  Just use the opt-in form to the right to get started.

In this FREE training, you will receive:

  • A Clean Sweep 90 minute audio training
  • A Clean Sweep Training transcript with photos and resource links
  • How Clutter Affects Your Home and Life Assessment

I know just how challenging transformation of your space or home can be as I’ve been there myself.  You can read a little about how I came to be a holistic Professional Organizer, Space Clearing practitioner, Feng Shui consultant, and Success Coach here.

My intention for all of my students and clients is that they feel peaceful, positive and powerful in the rooms they live and work in. Here’s why:

  • When our homes and lives are de-cluttered and organized, our attention is freed up for our work in the world to thrive.  
  • When our rooms are Feng Shui-ed and clear, we feel nurtured and supported by our space in ways that allow success to flow to us with ease and grace

In over 3 decades of transforming homes and workspaces with my clients, I’ve noticed 5 key issues that arise for people and bring them to this work. 

When our environment isn’t set up for success, we struggle to feel:

  • Peaceful ~ Is your home and workspace promoting your peace of mind and heart, or are your rooms contributing to distraction, defeat, discouragement, and a downward spiral?  If the latter, you’re not alone!  Restoring peace in your rooms will do so much to revive inner peace!
  • Positive ~ Do you relax when you walk in your door, and smile when you enter your rooms?  Our environments can do so much to give us joy, when we let them!
  • Powerful ~ Do you feel personally powerful in your life?  Placing ourselves in what I call the “command position” in our rooms is a subtle yet profound way to ensure that we’ll be able to be in command of our life — without trying to control everything and everyone around us!
  • Productive ~ Would you like to function more productively?  The easiest way to achieve that is to set up your environment for success!  It’s not hard, you just have to know what your Unique Retrieval Strategy is — and how to set up Sustainable Systems that align with yours!
  • Prosperous ~ Are there ways you’d like to feel more prosperous?  Do you know how to let your home and workspace help?  It’s so easy to create the resonance of abundance in our rooms, once you know how!

If you would like to receive support setting up your home and workspace for success, then I invite you to take a look at our upcoming online community class Mess To Success that begins on March 24, 2014. If you would like to take a more personalized supported approach to transforming your space, I invite you to explore the possibility of working with me here.

In Service to Your Success,

Melody LeBaron