Do you have…

  • any visible or hidden clutter in your home or workspace?
  • any areas that could use a good organizing?


If so, are you…

  • harnessing the energy of spring to do your Clean Sweep?
  • using the quickest, easiest methods to do your Clean Sweep?
Every little thing in your life matters.  And when you add up a bunch of little things that are not quite right, they weigh you down and keep you stuck just like an anchor does for a boat.   With just a small investment in time and awareness to notice and clean up what you are tolerating, you will experience an immediate boost in your energy and results. When you pull the anchor up out of the water, the boat can go a LOT faster.
~Thomas Leonard

If your environment is clogged, crowded, cluttered, it’s more likely you’ll feel distracted, defeated, and discouraged. And it’s more than just our items that we can lose in those piles:

  • How much time and energy have you lost, feeling overwhelmed or unfocused?
  • Have you lost any of your creativity, joy and passion?

If so, join me on Monday April 28th at 8pm for my free Jump Start Your Clean Sweep training.

In this 90 minute training, I’ll share the 5 Secrets I have used to help hundreds of clients transform their homes and lives.


(so you can get it done THIS summer!)


Imagine: Your Home—set up to function optimally and serve your success!

Imagine: You at Home—feeling peaceful, positive, powerful, and productive!

If that’s what you long to experience—and you want your Clean Sweep process to be SIMPLE and EASY—you’ve found your answer!

Here’s a quick peek at what you’ll learn in this empowering FREE Training Call taking place on Monday, April 28th, 2014 at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific.

In this FREE 90 minute training, you will:

  • learn the 5 Secrets to getting your Clean Sweep done quickly and easily, while having FUN!
  • gain clarity on what to keep and what to toss
  • learn how to keep making progress even when it gets hard
  • transform your resistance into fuel
  • learn how to form new Clean Sweep habits

As you can see, I have LOTS of great content to share with you, so I highly recommend you be on the call LIVE.

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