Welcome to the Transforming Space, Transforming Self community.

It’s my joy to support you in creating a home and workspace that nurtures your success.

Here’s an interesting truth about transforming your environment and transforming yourself:  you can’t do one without the other happening.  If you transform your environment by de-cluttering, organizing or Feng Shui-ing, the very act of creating your ideal sacred space will transform you.  If you start by transforming yourself, clearing out old beliefs and identities and allowing the newer, greater version-of-you to come forth, you’ll soon realize that your environment needs to be transformed as well, to catch up to you! 

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Our “Embodying Source” Gestation for Women begins April 13th!


Women, do you:
•    Feel a longing to change or expand the work you are doing?
•    Recognize that some of your relationships are no longer sustainably supportive?
•    Long to create a lasting love relationship that nourishes you?
•    Desire to promote positive change in the world, but don’t have the time or money?
•    See glimpses of up-leveling your life in some way… but can’t quite bring your vision into reality?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be gestating a new creation, a fresh updated version of yourself or your career.  You may even feel a calling to step into leadership in some way.

If you are at a reset point in your life, and would love to receive support as you birth a more powerful version of yourself, you may want to join the Embodying Source small group “gestation” program.  For more information click here.